Lawn Mowing…and much more besides

Lawn Mowing and many other skills

Mark Stanton has just very recently set up his own gardening business in Ramsgate, providing lawn mowing and many other gardening services. We caught up with Mark to find out how he is getting on in the early days of his new venture. Over to Mark…

My Training

Spring Training Session

“Time really has flown since I decided to go ahead with setting up my Ed’s Gardening Business. Since starting, I’ve had great training on delivering all the core Ed’s services.  These services are  lawn mowing, hedge cutting, pressure washing, turfing etc. All my training needs have been rigorously covered and I’ve felt that I have been more than well-prepared for actually doing the job. In addition, I’ve found that the business skills training has been really good.

Ed’s Spring Training Session

I’ve been very lucky that an Ed’s Spring training session took place a couple of weeks ago. The timing for that was just perfect for me and the content was excellent. The training day gave me a great insight on how to grow my business successfully. In addition, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of other Ed’s Operators. The session really reinforced just what is achievable if you put the right building blocks in place as you go along.”

My Work

“I’ve had some really interesting gardening jobs already. I’m also meeting some really lovely customers and I’m thoroughly enjoying doing my absolute best to ensure that they are really happy with my work.”

A Huge Garden Clearance

“Recently, I’ve worked on a very large garden clearance as one of my first jobs. The garden had not been touched for almost twenty years and it was a big job with a high level of challenge. It’s definitely true that I got huge satisfaction from completing this job. It was a very physical job but immensely rewarding. “

“It was actually a really interesting job for me, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. To start with, it was impossible to see what the layout of the garden was . It was just one big jumble with layers upon layers of years of growth. Gradually the footprint of the garden started to appear and I could see the care that had initially been taken it laying it all out and adorning it with garden seats and planters. To be honest, it was a bit like a mini Lost Garden of Heligan!”

“I really enjoyed the work but by far the best bit was the fact that the customer was hugely appreciative of the work I did. “

A lot of foliage to clear
Years of growth to clear
Cutting away the layers

“And  some photos of the after…”

Ready to plant again


The original layout revealed

My Five star reviews

“* * * * * Mark has done a fantastic job at my father in-law’s and has brought the garden back under control ready for regular maintenance, would recommend for all garden services.”

The value of a job well done

“I’m finding that I’m getting strong recommendations from happy customers already, which is wonderful for my confidence. I think that’s the best accolade you can get for your work, someone recommending you to a friend, family member or neighbour because you have made a great impression by doing a brilliant job for them. I get huge satisfaction from that.”

My thoughts for the future

“I suspected I would love doing gardening for a living and I do. It’s lovely to see spring all around and I can’t wait to develop my business as much as I can in the season ahead.”

“I know that the lawn mowing season is just beginning. I’m really looking forward to developing lawn mowing and hedge cutting and building u my regular customer base. “

Please get in touch…

Mark delivers all of the following core services:-

  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge cutting
  • Turfing
  • Power washing
  • Garden tidy ups
  • Garden clearances
  • Fencing

Please give Mark  a call if he can help you with any of your garden maintenance requirements in the Ramsgate area.

Making the most of our Indian Summer

Our Ed’s Operators are really enjoying the lovely Indian summer weather we are having at the moment. After the summer drought – and the toll it took on our gardens – it’s great to see green grass that is actually growing again.

We are so delighted to have our stripes back! Dave (our Ed’s Operator in Andover) is the proud provider of these ones…

It’s not all about the lawns though. Everything is growing like crazy now that we have had some rain and the sun is still shining.

Here’s a great example of some hedges Dave has been busy with too. They are rather lovely, even if we do say so ourselves

…And this one is so impressive that it has someone living in it!

In the words of one of our Operators, Now is a really rewarding time of year for a gardener. The weather is lovely but not too hot and the late summer growth spurt gives us a lot of opportunity to make gardens look great again. The transformations are amazing. The work is varied and there’s always lots to get on with.”

And who better to help you than Ed’s. Please get in touch to discuss any of your gardening needs.

Gardening in Sutton Coldfield

My name is Pete Henchey and I established my Ed’s Garden Services business in Sutton Coldfield earlier this year.

I knew I would really enjoy being a gardener but, to be honest, I didn’t realise just how much. It’s been a very busy first summer for me but I have found the work to be really rewarding and I particularly enjoy meeting new customers and understanding their gardening requirements.

My work is very varied, ranging from re-turfing and mowing lawns to hedges and jet washing patios and I enjoy the variety of it all. However,  I particularly love transforming my customers’ gardens. I find it so rewarding to stand back and look at the finished article and I can’t resist taking a few photos here and there!

There’s something very satisfying about seeing the final product when you’ve turned an area in need of a bit of work into a great new piece of lawn. The first photo below shows the new piece of lawn in a recent re-turfing job. I was delighted with the end result.
Newly Re-Turfed Lawn by Ed's Garden Maintenance

The second photo shows the lawn after its first cut. Still looking good! My customer and I have now moved on to set up a routine maintenance schedule to keep those stripes looking as fresh and sharp as the first mow.

Newly Re-Turfed Lawn with its first fresh cut by Ed's Garden Maintenance

Finally, here are a few impressive hedges I have been working on lately. This job required a lot of attention to detail but I thoroughly enjoyed it and was delighted with how they looked when I’d finished the job.

Hedge trimming Services in Sutton ColdfieldHedge Trimming Services by Ed's Garden Maintenance

Richard’s Gardening Gallery

Watering the Grass in South East London

Richard Cooke, our Ed’s Operator in South East London, has very kindly showcased his excellent work by sending some great photos into the Ed’s Office. Richard has been running his Ed’s business for nearly five years and has loved having the opportunity to work his magic in a range of gardens.

This is what Richard has to say about his life with Ed’s:-

” I love being an Ed’s Operator. I’m a really high-energy, outdoorsy person and love a challenge. Before Ed’s, I did a variety of interesting jobs, but I always got itchy feet and felt that I had far too much energy for what I was doing. I’m at my best when I am on the move and solving problems!

I love the sense of achievement when something is a bit messy and difficult and I can look at the end result and see the difference I’ve made. I love the variety of the gardens I get to make a difference in, from small to large and new to old and established ones.

I also really enjoy the customer interaction aspect of my work and almost five years in, I still get a big thrill from feedback from delighted customers. It sounds a bit of a cliché but I feel really privileged to be able to run a business that suits my personality so well. My wife and I have recently welcomed a baby son and my wife jokes that I take almost as many photos of my ‘before and after’ gardens as I do of the baby!”

Here are some of the finished articles from Richard …

Garden Tidy Up in South East London

Garden Lawn Mowing Services in South East London

Border Edging Services in South East London

Clearing Garden Border Edges

Maintaining Balcony Gardens in South East London

Front Garden Maintenance Service in South East London

Spring Fever – Lawn Mowing in Stripes!

Spring has most definitely sprung at Ed’s Garden Maintenance and nothing is more evident than with freshly cut lawns.

Karl Husher, our Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator in Sidcup, has already started to get into his “striping stride” this month with his expertise in lawn mowing.

Karl is delighted to be out mowing the lawns again after the cold winter months. He loves nothing more than seeing the finished article look like this.

Spring has come and mowing stripes on a lawn in Sidcup is part of Ed's Garden Maintenance Lawn Mowing Services

Garden Tidy Up Before Spring

It maybe sunny but cold and crisp now but the sun will so be warming. So give your garden a tidy up before spring. Mark an Ed’s Operator covering Bournemouth will get your garden ship shape ready for the spring.

A tired overgrown garden in need of attention.

Mark soon got to work with this clients garden in Bournemouth using his skills and enthusiasm to transform this neglected back garden. This three level terraced garden had not been touched for over a year and needed a good cutting back to get it under control again. The individual shrubs had merged into one forming very untidy hedge row. Mark had all the tools he needed and got to work pruning back the individual shrubs. This provided each of them the space and light they desperately needed.


So do you need a garden tidy up, or is your fence damaged or your patio/deck dirty, then give Mark a call. He covers all areas of Bournemouth and will come and provide you with an estimate. A few hours of work by him will have your garden ready to enjoy. Mark’s skills don’t stop there though, he is also able to provide on-going care to your garden throughout the season. Services can be made flexible to meet customers requirements and range from Lawn Mowing/Cutting, Lawn Repairs, Hedge Trimming/Cutting, Hedge Reduction.

Lawn Mowing For A New Garden

Lawn Mowing

First Lawn Mowing service of the season.

First Lawn mowing service delivered to this garden in 2016

Lawn mowing on a new build property for a local builder in Bournemouth has just started. I have now started a lot of the first cuts for my customers as the season has truly started.

The first cut is the sign that spring has arrived and the work begins to pick up in most gardens. At Ed’s Garden Maintenance, we always try and get nice stripes when we mow your lawns.

Spring At Last!

It’s days like this that remind me how lucky I am to be doing garden maintenance! Signs of life showing all over and newly cut lawns set everything off nicely. A lot of moss on lawns and around the garden after this long wet and mild winter. I’m well stocked up on Ferrous Sulphate to green things up and start controlling that moss. I can see lots of scarifying and re seeding coming up…


Controlling Moss on Lawns after a wet and mild winter by Ed's Garden Maintenance