Garden Services Folkestone – Variety is the spice of life

Stripy lawn with lavender in foreground

Garden Services Folkestone – Meeting all your gardening needs

Garden Services Folkestone is one area where Ed’s Garden Services has a strong presence. Provision of garden services can vary greatly in nature of work. Of course, one factor is the changing seasons. However, another big factor is the fact that Ed’s gardeners do their absolute best to tailor their services to their loyal customers’ needs.

Gardening Services Folkestone Matthew May

Garden Services Folkestone – Matthew May

Matthew has been an Ed’s gardener in Folkestone for almost ten years. During that time, Matthew has gained a great amount of gardening experience. He has also turned his hand to a very wide range of different types of gardening jobs. 

Garden Services Folkestone – Matthew’s impressive track record

Matthew is a modest chap but we are only too happy to sing his praises. Not only is Matthew an excellent gardener but he unfailingly shows strong commitment to great customer service. We may be a bit biased but the British franchise association aren’t.  Indeed, Matthew was a Finalist in their prestigious National Franchisee of the Year Award a few years ago.  This was in recognition of  his all-round business skills and commitment. A star indeed!

Garden Services Folkestone – Matthew’s reflections

We caught up with Matthew recently to talk about what is closest to his heart.  Providing excellent garden services in Folkestone, of course, but more precisely…

“I don’t  feel like I’ve been running my gardening business for ten years. That is because the work I do is so varied that I never get bored. I am very lucky to have some great customers who trust me to get (and keep) their gardens looking great. This gives me a lot of scope for creativity and resulting job satisfaction. I enjoy nothing better than surprising my customers with a truly excellent gardening job that surpasses their expectations by a long way”.

Is it all about the mowing?

“Of course I do a lot of mowing jobs. Sometimes I have been asked if this gets boring and the short answer is… Never! Every lawn is different and I take great pride in getting all my jobs just right. I do love my stripes as well – here is a photo of one of my lovely local lawns.”

Large stripy Lawn Folkestone

Variety is the spice of life

“Clearly, it’s not all about mowing. My hedge cutting jobs feature strongly as well as big garden clearances and jet washing patios as well.  I really do anything my customers need to get their gardens looking as good as possible.”

“I do like to keep my fingers green – it’s gardener credibility to get some planting soil under the fingernails! Planting jobs can be fun and really creative.  It is important to discuss with my customer what they really want in terms of colour, texture and of course blooming period.”

Potting Shed Folkestone

Any big projects?

“Sometimes, my work involves managing a significant garden redesign. My customer was delighted with the end result in this one. I was really pleased with how it turned out too.”

“This is the “before” photo…”

Garden Redesign Folkestone Before Photo

“The ‘work in progress’ one…”

Garden Redesign Folkestone During Photo

“And the finished article…”

Garden Redesign Folkestone After Photo

“My golden rule – always, always discuss with the customer what they really want. I may sound like I am stating the obvious but it is all too easy to get caught up in your own transformation vision.  I take time to chat things through properly and give my customer time to mull things over in the process.”

“My life as a gardener is really fulfilling.  I love the scope of my job and really couldn’t imagine doing anything better.”

If Matthew can help you with any of your gardening needs, please do get in touch