Clearing Up Gardens After Builders in Raynes Park

Garden Clearance before and after Builders in Raynes Park

During the last few weeks, Ed’s Garden Maintenance Gardener, Kevin Gallacher, has been helping his clients in Raynes Park with Garden Clearance.

Recently, the clients have had a lot of building work done to their house and, unfortunately, left their garden in a sorry state. Our Gardener, Kevin Gallacher, was called in to help rebuild their garden to its former glory. During this time, we needed to remove several bags of building waste before we even began work on the rest of the garden.

A Client's Garden ruined after Builders have been in Raynes Park

Kevin had to rake up the ground and remove all unwanted debris from the leftover sandpit. Afterwards, Kevin re-seeded the whole lawn, taking care to advise the client that they had to keep watering the lawn for the next two weeks. After two weeks, you can see the lawn start to return back to the way it should be.

New lawn after re-seeding by our Gardening expert Kevin Gallacher

As with all newly re-seeded or re-turfed lawns when lawn mowing, the next step was to make sure that the grass was long enough to cut. This is because the first lawn mow should begin when the grass leaves reach a height of 3 to 3 and half inches. Once this was the case, then we had to mow a third off the leaf blade in order to make sure that the grass roots had penetrated down into the soil or it would weaken the lawn in the future.

Our clients were delighted to see that the grass was soon growing back to its original self and looking fresh in the summer light.

Freshly re-turfed lawn in Raynes Park by Ed's Garden Maintenance Gardener, Kevin Gallacher