Garden Services Great Bookham Hedgehog Patrol!

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Garden Services Great Bookham – Dan’s garden services

Dan Bates, our Ed’s Operator in Great Bookham, provides a long list of garden services. He loves keeping gardens looking shipshape. Dan covers lawn mowing, hedge cutting, pressure washing, fencing and turfing in East Horsley, West Horsley, Clinton and Effingham as well as Great Bookham and Little Bookham. However, Dan has just added a new garden service to his list. And the new one is…hedgehog patrol!

Garden Services Great Bookham Hedgehog Patrol

Our garden-friendly little friends…

Our Ed’s Operators are very fond of hedgehogs. We meet them on occasions when we are gardening and they really are a force for good . Hedgehogs are very effective pest controllers and love nothing better than a good compost heap to curl up in. They eat bugs and other pests and quietly go about their business without causing any trouble at all. They are quite shy creatures but we do meet face to face from time to time. When they see us, they tend to wander off to a quiet spot in the garden and mind their own business.

However, yesterday Dan was driving between gardening jobs in Great Bookham and found this cute little fellow wandering just a bit too close to the main road. Hedgehogs (as their name would suggest!) love sleeping in hedges and when these hedges border busy roads, it can lead to trouble when they wander out for a bit of fresh air.

Dan did what any reliable Ed’s Operator would. He found a safe place to stop his Ed’s van, parked up and walked back to move the hedgehog to safety. However, he just had to get a quick photo of the little guy first as he was so very cute.

Bonfire Alert!

Hedgehogs are quite topical today, with it being 5th November. As well as compost heaps and hedges, hedgehogs are very partial to curling up in leaves and twigs. An unlit bonfire is a very attractive place for a hedgehog for a quick autumn nap.

So, please do be very vigilant this evening. Make sure you check through the unlit bonfire for any sleeping hedgehogs before you set the bonfire alight. If you find a hedgehog, use a handkerchief or dish towel or even a bunch of autumn leaves to gently pick him up. Then move him to a quiet spot before the bonfire and firework festivities begin. He will be very grateful for it!