Lawn Mowing on a grand scale

Pierre and Penny mow a meadown

Lawn mowing meadows by day…

Lawn mowing is something that Pierre and Penny Krycler know a lot about! Pierre and Penny run their Ed’s gardening business in Camberley and their days involve a lot of cutting grass.  They really enjoy all their jobs but  were tickled pink with this recent job. They have been running their Ed’s business for over five years.  However,  this was the first time that they have been asked to mow a meadow!

Pierre says,” It’s really good fun when we get new jobs such as this one as they are quite different from our usual garden maintenance jobs.”

Penny said,” We had a really good time doing this job. It was a challenging one on account of the size of the job.  However, we always try our best to meet our customers’ needs and give each job our very best shot.  The customer was very happy with the end result.”

Pierre added, “Penny also had some fun taking photos of this job. In some of them, it’s case of ‘spot the gardener’ – me!

Pierre and Penny mow a meadown
Pierre and Penny mow a meadow

…. and cultivating vegetables in their spare time

Village Competition Produce
Village Competition Produce

Pierre and Penny’s passion for gardening spills over to their home life as well.  They are the first to admit that they have really caught the gardening bug since joining Ed’s.  They take a lot of pride in maintaining their own lovely cottage garden in their spare time.  Pierre and Penny are modest about it all but their vegetables are really quite something.  It is no surprise that they tend to take their local village show by storm! Penny says, “It’s really funny but when we started growing vegetables it was just experimental. However, we realised that we are pretty good at it and now we take it a lot more seriously!  You would think that, after a long day’s gardening, we would want to be couch potatoes. But no, we would rather be concentrating on the potatoes in the garden!”

Penny says “Our life sounds so quintessentially British –  mowing meadows by day and cultivating our own vegetables for village shows in the evenings. In truth, it really is quite idyllic and we wouldn’t choose any other life.”

If you think Pierre and Penny can help you with any of your garden maintenance needs, please do get in touch.

Tall Hedge – Tall Ladder

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in these photographs of a hedge they recently trimmed.  The request was to tidy a hedge and fortunately they carry the right ladder for a tall hedge in the van.  The customer was very happy with the finished result.   Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance if you require a hedge trim.



Lawn repair after squirrel damage


Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in these before and after photographs of a lawn they recently repaired.  “The squirrels had been having a field day, digging up the lawn, making holes peeling back the turf searching for sweet chestnuts buried during the autumn.”

Ed’s operators can assist with repairs to lawns with re-seeding, turfing or just putting the jigsaw back together!  Please contact us for a free estimate.

Wild Garlic

 Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in these photographs of Wild Garlic with the following comment:-
Wild garlic took over the garden, it was growing through the grass and the mower minced it up into a nice paste, the smell was dreadful!  The customer suggested we invite some chefs round to use it!
We are very pleased to have learnt

from our Wisley visit how to get rid of it if necessary.

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Ed’s to Frog Rescue

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny recently rehoused some frog spawn.

Whilst carrying out regular maintenance we noticed frogs had been spawning in the disused pond.  The water was evaporating with the warm weather.  We carefully removed the spawn into a removal vehicle for rehousing. We called upon another local customer and asked her a favour, to rehouse the spawn in her shallow pond. She was delighted to help and hopefully all with survive. All in a days work, phew!


Job Satisfaction

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in this photograph of what she feels depicts Spring with the following:-

“It started out foggy, overcast and depressing this morning but improved during the day and eventually the sun came through.  We entered this particular garden for regular maintenance and were welcomed by this wonderful sight.  To top it all this Viburnum with masses of dark green foliage and pink-tinged, white flowers filled the whole garden with it’s beautiful fragrance.  An absolute delight and joy around every corner.  Job satisfaction every time!”

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Exceptionally Good Service


Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny had the following glowing report from a very happy customer.
 “Just to say what an excellent job Pierre and partner did for us clearing our garden.  We were especially impressed with their clean-up job after.  Our garden was left immaculate.  I will be fully recommending their services to all my contacts.  I hope they get more work from it, they were exceptionally good.” 
We are always pleased to get great feedback and especially when our operators are so appreciated.
Please contact Ed’s if we can help with your garden maintenance needs.



Absolutely Beautiful Garden Maintenance

Car Parking
BBQ Area

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny who cover the Camberley area recently prepared a garden for a rental property.  The owners were delighted and described the work as superb and that Penny and Pierre had provided them with an “absolutely beautiful” looking garden.

Lawn mowed

Some of the tasks included substantially pruning the highest parts of the rhododendron hedge and levelling the remainder.   Leaves were cleared from the gutters, BBQ area and car port.  The grass was blown clear and then mowed and finally the whole area was given one final sweep.

Rhododendron Hedge