Gardening Services Continuity

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Garden Services Continuity – The Current Situation

We appreciate that Garden Services Continuity  is relied on by many of our customers to make the most of their home environment. Clearly, we are living in highly unusual times and  there are much more pressing matters than well-kept gardens. However, we are also mindful that people will be spending much more time at home. A well-tended garden can help raise spirits and keep a sense of some normality.  Please be reassured that we are doing all we can to continue with the provision of our gardening services to our valued and loyal customers.

We are currently adopting a ‘business as usual’ approach as far as possible. We wish to reassure you that our gardeners are adhering to scrupulous hygiene standards combined with minimal face-to-face customer contact.  Safety in the delivery of our services must come before all else.  This is in the best interests of our valued customers and our gardeners alike.


Safety First

We are continually tracking Government/NHS guidelines regarding protecting our customers and ourselves. These are the guidelines we are following:,SVE1,3H5J5U,3H3H9,1

Fortunately, the outdoors nature of our business is very significant. We can provide Gardening Services Continuity without a need for ongoing face-to-face contact with our regular customers. Furthermore, we can even estimate new jobs without actually meeting a customer face to face. Email and telephone contact with access to the garden are sufficient to undertake estimates.

In a future situation where our gardeners have to, or decide to, self-isolate, we shall advise our customers of interruption to our Garden Services Continuity as soon as possible. Likewise, we would ask our customers to let us know if they are self-isolating at their earliest convenience.  That way, we can take necessary steps to respect the situation and avoid any contact whatsoever.

Looking Ahead

The wider health situation is evolving from day to day.  As such, we are constantly re-evaluating our position regarding Garden Services Continuity. Furthermore, this is also very much reliant on our gardeners remaining fit and healthy.  However, We will endeavour to communicate any changes in circumstances as timely and clearly as possible.

Over the many years we have been in this business, we are continuously impressed by the commitment, resilience and pragmatism of our fantastic team of gardeners. This is all the more evident in times of challenge. These are unprecedented times but we have no doubt that our gardeners continue to do their very best for their valued customers.