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Gardener News – Marcus is the new Dave

Gardener changeover ahead

Farewell to Dave

We have some gardener news at Ed’s. Dave, our Ed’s gardener in Andover has recently decided to hang up his gardening gloves, sell up and move from Andover to Suffolk. Dave has spent five happy years as an Ed’s gardener. We are all very sorry to say farewell to Dave, who has been a great and enthusiastic member of the Ed’s team. He will most certainly be missed.

However, we are also very happy that Marcus, will take over the service of many of Dave’s lovely customers. Marcus has recently moved from Streatham to run his Ed’s business in Stockbridge and surrounding area. Dave has delievered a very smooth handover. Furthermore, Marcus is very much looking forward to provide the excellent customer service that Dave has delivered.

Marcus on the job

At Ed’s we pride ourselves on this level of customer service which includes providing continuity as much as we possibly can. Our team of experienced gardeners like nothing more than to help each other out and be great team players. In many cases this can lead to them growing their own businesses. As is the case with Dave and Marcus.

We wish both Dave and Marcus all the very best in their future endeavours.

Stripes are always in fashion

Stripes are most definitely where it is at. No matter what time of year!

Dave, Ed’s business owner in Andover, sent us this photo of some mowing handiwork from last week. Some impressive winter stripes! There is a lot to be said for getting your garden looking good at the very start of the year. Start as you mean to go on and all that.

Dave says ” The weather is definitely changing so much that mowing is starting to be pretty much an all year round activity. My customers find that their grass is still growing in what was previously the dead of winter. They don’t like their gardens scruffy, when they are used to them being beautiful. The result is that I am mowing so much more. I’m not complaining though as I like nothing more than a lovely stripy lawn. It is such a satisfying job to do.”

“I enjoy all types of work with Ed’s. My core services are:-

  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge cutting
  • Jet washing
  • Garden Clearances
  • Garden Tidy-ups”

“As the seasons change, the focus of my work tends to change too. I tune in to the needs of my customers’ gardens over the whole year. I am pretty flexible regarding delivering whichever service, or services, their garden requires at a particular point of the year.”

“Some people are happy to leave mowing until the spring and others want their gardens looking their absolute best all year. I deliver exactly whatever my customers want.”

“I have been servicing many of my customers for a number of years. This means that I know the needs of their gardens very well. I enjoy having that year-round input and my customers enjoy having the peace of mind of knowing that their gardens are in good hands. Both sides are happy!”

If you think Ed’s can help you with your gardening needs, please do get in touch.

Making the most of our Indian Summer

Our Ed’s Operators are really enjoying the lovely Indian summer weather we are having at the moment. After the summer drought – and the toll it took on our gardens – it’s great to see green grass that is actually growing again.

We are so delighted to have our stripes back! Dave (our Ed’s Operator in Andover) is the proud provider of these ones…

It’s not all about the lawns though. Everything is growing like crazy now that we have had some rain and the sun is still shining.

Here’s a great example of some hedges Dave has been busy with too. They are rather lovely, even if we do say so ourselves

…And this one is so impressive that it has someone living in it!

In the words of one of our Operators, Now is a really rewarding time of year for a gardener. The weather is lovely but not too hot and the late summer growth spurt gives us a lot of opportunity to make gardens look great again. The transformations are amazing. The work is varied and there’s always lots to get on with.”

And who better to help you than Ed’s. Please get in touch to discuss any of your gardening needs.

Dave’s fingers really are green!

Dave, who runs his Ed’s business in Andover, has taken his  ‘green fingers’ one step further recently.

Dave has been working his magic on this customer’s fence.  See for yourself how good it looks close up …



Dave says “Work-wise it’s been quite an unusual summer this year.  We are finding that the extremely hot weather has been taking its toll on lawns.  Not  much can grow in such temperatures.  As a result, we have been mowing less than usual. However, this has given us the opportunity to get on with other garden jobs. That’s a bonus for us, as in high summer it is often difficult to find the time for other work.”

“I really do enjoy all aspects of gardening work.  I was only too happy to oblige when this customer asked about having their fence painted.  And choosing the colour was easy,  GREEN of course!  I really enjoyed the job and the customer was delighted with the end result.”

“So the moral of the story is,  if you haven’t been seeing enough green in your garden lately, we can just paint it for you! Joking aside though, we are only too happy to deliver whatever services our customers require to make their gardens look as good as they possibly can.”

If you have any gardening needs, please do get in touch with Dave. He would be delighted to work with you…



Dave’s Stars and Stripes

Dave Laing Lawn Mowing Expert Andover

Dave Laing joined Ed’s Garden Services earlier this year  as our  Garden Operator in Andover.

Before joining Ed’s, Dave had wanted to run a Garden Operator business for quite some time. He loves being physically active and enjoys both gardening and meeting people. A perfect fit for him!

Dave’s friendly approach, hard work and high standards are paying off and he already has a number of regular customers who are very appreciative of his work.

Dave has been getting a number excellent five star customer reviews. Here’s what Dave has to say about that:-

“ I genuinely love getting great reviews. I know that I try hard to please my customers and pride myself in doing the best job that I possibly can. Whether it’s lawns, hedges, big garden clearances or autumn leaf clearing, I try to make my gardens look their best. When I’ve finished a garden visit, I always hope my customer is as satisfied with it as I am. Over the summer and autumn, I’ve particularly enjoyed perfecting my lawn stripes.”

This is one of Dave’s gardens…

“When I get appreciative reviews, I feel like it’s a real validation of what I strive to achieve. That’s satisfied customers. I’ve got some great customers and making them happy is without a doubt the best part of my job.”

If you think Dave can help you with your garden requirements, please do get in touch.

It’s not just the grass that is growing, Ed’s is too!

The Ed’s Garden Maintenance team has recently grown to 42 garden maintenance Operators.  This increase in geographical coverage helps us to make our customer service even better.


Ed's Garden Maintenance welcomes their new Gardener Operators

(From left to right) Neil Miller, is providing  gardening services in Rustington, Haydn Jones, is providing  garden services in Southbourne and John Spencer is our man to go to for Maidenhead garden services. They all joined Ed’s over the last few months and have now finished their induction training and are rearing to get on with the gardening season ahead.

Pete Henchey offers Gardening Services in Sutton Coalfield

Pete Henchey has recently joined our team to provide gardening services in Sutton Coldfield.  Pete is available to help with all your  lawn mowing, hedge cutting, garden tidy ups, turfing and jet washing needs.

Dave Laing's Gardening Services in Andover

Dave Laing has is now fully operational and is delivering Gardening Maintenance Services in Andover. He is available for hedge trimming, grass cutting, lawn turfing and pressure washing.

Neil Collis with Warren Emsden, two of Ed's Gardeners

And last, but not least, Warren Emsden (on the right above with Neil Collis) has joined us to run his Ed’s Garden Maintenance Business in Petts Wood. Neil Collis runs his Garden Maintenance Service in Sevenoaks.

We wish all of our Operators all the very best with their new businesses.