New Gardener Alert – Nick is in pole position

New Gardener Alert – Byfleet has a new gardener

New Gardener Alert… We are delighted to announce that Nick Fewlass has recently joined Ed’s team of gardeners to run his franchise gardening business in Byfleet, Surrey. In fact, just a stone’s throw away from Brooklands, the famous historic spot where British motorsport began.

Nick comes to Ed’s with a wealth of gardening experience. Indeed, most recently he has worked for a large private estate for a number of years.

Ed’s is happy to welcome Nick to our great team and we look forward to seeing him develop his new business and take it from strength to strength.

New Gardener Alert – Nick’s initial thoughts…

Here’s what Nick has to say about his new Ed’s challenge…

“Well, first of all, I’m delighted to become part of the Ed’s team. It’s true that I do have a lot of gardening experience. However, I am also humble enough to know that a gardener is constantly learning. In summary, every day is a school day! Every garden is different and deserves to be treated as such. Furthermore, I consider building a successful gardening business up to be a marathon rather than a sprint. Success is built on hard work and developing strong relationships with customers. I want that ethos to be at the very core of my business. If you’ve got that, in my opinion, you’ve got a solid business.”

“Certainly I am looking forward to the challenge of running my own franchise gardening business. It’s true that I enjoy interacting with others and I look forward to that aspect of the job. Indeed, I can’t wait to work with my future customers to help them get their gardens looking just right.”

“I look forward to building my customer base and fly the Ed’s flag in my local Byfleet area. Spring is definitely in the air already and it is such a lovely season for me to get things up and running.”

“Last but by no means least, my services are lawn mowing, hedge cutting, jet washing, garden tidy ups and garden clearances. And so there we are, a whole range of services to keep gardens looking fabulous throughout the year.”

We wish Nick all the very best with his new business and look forward to sharing news of his success in due course.

If you think Nick can help you with any of your garden’s needs, please do get in touch.

Spring Alert

Turning our thoughts to the season ahead…

Spring alert! On chilly days such as these spring can feel a very long way off. However, it is just round the corner. The signs are there already with snowdrops and new shoots starting to peek through. Ed’s gardeners are a hardy lot and you spot them out and about, here, there and everywhere, in all seasons!

It is never to early to think about gardening plans for the season ahead. The loveliest summer gardens are always the reward of early preparation.

If you would like to discuss your garden’s needs going forward, please do get in touch.

Festive Cheer and a Happy New Year

Festive Cheer is all around. Christmas is almost upon us and the end of 2023 is fast approaching. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our lovely customers for your ongoing support this year. We have enjoyed helping you to meet the needs of your garden through the seasons of the year.

We very much look forward to continuing to support you to keep your gardens looking beautiful in 2024.

Festive cheer to all, far and near

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May your days be merry and green.

With very best wishes from everyone in the Ed’s team

Hedgehogs Alert – ‘Tis the season to be careful

Hedgehogs Alert – Remember, Remember…

Ed's Garden Services Hedgehog Mascot

Let’s talk about hedgehogs…

We love hedgehogs. There, we said it. Hedgehogs are indeed very close to the hearts of Ed’s gardeners. They really are fantastic little garden buddies. Quietly going about their business of eating many plant destroying insects and snails. Aside from doing this very important job, they look very cute as well. Well, quietly isn’t strictly true though. They are very good at minding their own business but they can be fairly vocal, with a variety of grunts, snuffles and squeals. Quite the little characters they are. We consider it our privilege to be so close to nature on a daily basis and to share the garden with them.

How can we help?

We do our best to help our spiky little friends whenever we can. We were able to help this very little guy in the photo get back to safety. Dan, our Ed’s gardener in Great Bookham, found him wandering by the side of the road and was able to escort him out of the danger’s way.

Of course we all love this spectacular crunchy time of year when the beautiful autumnal leaves come tumbling down in swirls. All glorious but thoughts quickly turn to getting them cleared away when it all turns a bit messy. Actually, we can help with that, but that’s a topic for another day. Hedgehogs are predominantly nocturnal and like nothing better than dozing away for significant parts of the day. They particularly enjoy curling up in a cosy pile of leaves and other garden waste to have a nice long nap. Please do keep this in mind when moving piles of leaves and garden rubbish that have been left, even for a little while. That way no harm will come to any hedgehogs. Our gardeners always have a thorough check through any piles that have been sitting before we move anything.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Finally, and very importantly for hedgehogs, Bonfire Night is almost here. In particular, please do check thoroughly that there are no little sleeping beauties inside before you set alight any bonfires.

To sum up

Happy hedgehogs, happy Ed’s gardeners

Ed’s Gardener training

Ed’s gardener training is taken very seriously in Ed’s Garden Services. This goes far beyond initial training in competently and confidently delivering our range of gardening services. Initial training is really important. However, it is just as important to continuously build on this knowledge with the provision of ongoing training in a wide range of topics. We learn from the very best in the horticultural business. We cover developments in products and equipment. Furthermore, we concentrate on topical areas relating to lawns and plants. Finally we keep abreast of any important regulation changes. This is all part and parcel of our gardeners having all the tools (actual and metaphorical!) to deliver really good customer service.

Ed’s Gardener Training – Hot off the press…

Just last week we ran an Ed’s training session at our office. We invited along our go to horticultural expert who put us through our paces on all that is new in the world of gardening. We really enjoy these interactive sessions which often include quizzes etc. to test our gardening knowledge and to keep our knowledge current.

Furthermore, we structure our training sessions so our gardeners get a chance to share their gardening challenges and successes. This is really valuable as we learn from each other’s experiences and we can build this in to our day to day customer service.

The after party…

Ed’s gardeners are most definitely a sociable bunch. They join us partly because they thrive on the social interaction aspect of running a good gardening business. It’s Ed’s tradition to put on a barbecue after our training sessions. This gives everyone a chance to catch up socially and our gardeners really enjoy it.

As luck would have it last week, just as we were winding up our classroom session and were getting ready to fire up the barbecue, the heavens well and truly opened. However, no one was fazed by a spot of rain – we are gardeners after all!

Ed himself started off on the barbecue, another Ed’s tradition. His burgers topped with stilton are truly legendary!

However, on this occasion, David, our Tunbridge Wells gardener offered to lend a helping hand at the helm of the barbecue. David is originally from South Africa and joked that barbecue cooking is in his DNA! His barbecuing skills were indeed pretty impressive – almost as good as his gardening ones! As always, Wellington the Ed’s labrador, was on hand to pick up any dropped pieces of, well anything really.

A well spent afternoon and evening before our gardeners headed home, well fed and with lots of food for thought to keep themselves at the very top of their gardening game.

Lawn stripes worthy of Wimbledon

Lawn stripes showcase

Lawn stripes are a really big thing for Kevin, our Ed’s gardener in Raynes Park. Kevin takes a lot of pride in getting them just perfect. They can be the crowning glory of a lush and wonderful lawn. We are sure that you will agree that this lovely specimen is most definitely Wimbledon-worthy! Kevin prides himself on having a whole range of customers with beautiful lawns just like the one in his photo.

And so, we caught up with Kevin and asked him what his secret ingredient was for such spectacular lawns. This is what he had to say …

“The secret is continuity of care. Lawns need a lot of care to get them looking their very best. Therefore, I work with my customers and look at the job holistically. That is to say, providing care and attention all year round to make sure that lawns can flourish to be the best that they can be. When customers see the results of this, they are very keen to keep the process going so that they can enjoy their beautiful gardens to the fullest. Each lawn is different and it is all about coming up with the best care plan for treatments and mowing, taking into account all the external factors affecting the lawn in question.”

” I really enjoy all my gardening jobs but I get a special sense of satisfaction from nurturing lawns and bringing them forth to be quite splendid specimens. I’ve been doing this job for quite a while now and yet a perfect lawn still never fails to thrill.”

If you need any help with getting your lawn looking glorious, please get in touch. Ed’s can most certainly help to turn your dream lawn into reality.

Ed’s Gardeners going the extra mile

Ed’s Gardeners going the extra mile – Mark saves the day

Ed’s gardeners going the extra mile is a common theme in our business. Here is a recent example…

Ed’s gardeners going the extra mile – The background

Mark runs his Ed’s gardening business in Ramsgate, Kent. He recently got an unusual request from a customer. Their young children are obsessed with pirates and were besides themselves at the idea of having their own pirate ship to play on in their garden. The customer had been able to find a wonderful wooden galleon pirate ship. However, the garden wasn’t totally flat and the ship needed full assembly and to be installed properly to make it safe for the children. The customer asked Mark if he would be prepared to do the job. They recognised that it was outside his usual remit and also at a busy time of year.

Ed’s gardeners going the extra mile – The job in hand

Mark tells us ” I thought about the scope of the project and was confident that I could complete the job to a high standard. Now, who would dare disappoint apprentice pirates! And so, it was a yes from me, one very relieved customer and some very excited junior pirates.”

“I planned the various stages of the job. There were three parts to it. First of all, I had to level the ground so that the structure would be on a flat surface. Next, I had to insert pins into the ground sunk in concrete to make sure that the structure would be secured properly. Finally, I had to build the actual pirate ship and get it in place.”

Ed’s gardeners going the extra mile – The end result

“The job ran very smoothly and each phase was quite straightforward. I was able to complete the job in good time. Just as well as my mini customers were waiting patiently in the wings in extreme anticipation of the final result. No pressure!”

“Chatting with my customer afterwards, they mentioned that the junior pirates have already set their sights on a garden climbing frame for essential pirate training. They wondered if I might lend a steady hand once again. Of course, was my reply.”

” I love the challenge of types of unusual jobs. This was a particularly nice one as there is something very special about sharing children’s excitement in a project.”

Our Ed’s gardeners can help you fulfil a whole range of your garden’s requirements. Please just get in touch.

Bank Holiday Fever

Bank holiday fit for a king

Well, the coronation bank holiday weekend has just officially started. Our Ed’s gardeners have been extremely busy helping our lovely customers get their gardens ready for the special bank holiday weekend.

Lots and lots of lawn mowing. Bunting, Pimms, cucumber sandwiches and cream teas galore are of course, de rigeur for any self-respecting garden party. However, lawn stripes are also an excellent backdrop. Here’s a great example of some recent handiwork. All credit to Chris King, our aptly named gardener in Norwich South.

It is such a lovely time of year to be out in the garden, weather permitting of course.

So, without further ado, we wish all of you a great weekend. May your celebrations be full of fun, your coronation picnics be sunny and your gardens be fit for a king!

With very best wishes from the Ed’s team. 🏰👑🎉🌷🌷🌷

Stourbridge New Gardener Alert

Mark Barker has recently joined Ed’s to run his gardening business in Stourbridge and surrounding areas. Mark has a background in education, although he has also been a keen hobby gardener for many years. All trained, business-ready, van freshly branded and raring to go, Mark is available to take on a whole range of gardening work in the Stourbridge area.

Here is what Mark has to say, “I am so much looking forward to getting started with my brand new business. I know the Stourbridge area very well. Having lived there for a long time, I look forward to servicing my local community. I am available immediately to fulfil a whole range of garden maintenance needs. I look forward to building relationships with a number of customers. Indeed I hope many of them will turn into regular customers. And so, it is so exciting to be setting up a local gardening business within the Ed’s brand. In conclusion, I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and, now it is real, I couldn’t be happier.”

Mark’s core services are lawn mowing, hedge cutting, garden tidy-ups, garden clearances and turfing. Please get in touch if Mark can help you get your garden back in shape for spring.

Gardener Reading Material

Gardener reading material is certainly the topic of today. Why? Well, it is World Book Day today and that means we should all be thinking about our very favourite books. In schools all over the country there are children taking part in the fun day. They go into school with their favourite book and dress up as one of its key characters. Lots of fun is had by all and a love of reading is fostered at the same time.

“What does all this have to do with Ed’s Garden Services?” you may ask. Well…

The Big Tiger Day…

Penny and Pierre are very busy running their Ed’s business in Camberley. However, when they are not busy gardening, they are very involved grandparents. Penny sent this photo into the Ed’s office today. It was taken of her five year-old grandson this morning. Penny’s grandson is a great reader and loves all sorts of books. His favourite book of the moment is “Tiger” and he most definitely looked the part in his fantastic outfit. Obviously Penny’s daughter takes after her mum in the clever hands stakes as she made the tiger outfit. Dad made the tiger mask.

The Star of the Day…

Consequently,Penny’s grandson won the school prize for the best homemade outfit. No surprise really – what a scary tiger (with a lovely smile)! Celebrations all round at home afterwards (we wonder if there may even have been a tiger who came to tea!)

And so, delighted with winning his prize, Grandma was put on the spot and asked if she had a very favourite book. Gardener reading material must be a thing, surely? Without missing a beat, Penny responded “Of course I do. It’s Eddie’s Garden. What else would it be!” Everyone was very amused by that, not least the clever tiger, who pointed out that Penny even has her Ed’s garden uniform outfit to go with her favourite book.