Unique Gardening jobs

Tim’s Latest Challenge

Unique gardening jobs are a key part of Ed’s. Ask an Ed’s Gardener and they will tell you that no two days are ever the same. Gardening jobs can vary greatly from mowing large lawns to delivering mini-projects with a very specific remit.

Tim runs his Ed’s business in Taunton and always enjoys meeting his customers’ needs. Tim thrives on the challenge of different types of jobs. He has recently completed a transformation of a new build front garden. This is what Tim has to say about it…

Unique Gardening Jobs – The Background

“One of the things I love about Ed’s is the variety of my work. You never quite know what a customer is going to want doing. I enjoy the challenge of that. This recent job was the front garden of a new build house. The turf that had been laid by the housebuilder was not of a very good quality and, although shrubs had been planted, it had all been done in quite a haphazard way. Furthermore, as it was the front garden and visible to all, the owner felt that the space really impacted on the look of their house.”

The “Before” Shot

Unique Gardening Jobs – The Plan

“I had a good chat with the customer as there were clearly a range of options from which they could choose. However, it became clear that, rather than fill up the space with lots more greenery, the customer preferred a clean-cut look that was visually pleasing but also really low maintenance. The maintenance aspect is a very important consideration when deciding on the best course of action. And so, following a good chat, we charted our course of action. Consequently, we were going to remove everything, put down a membrane and lay bark. We would have a few specifically chosen plants to grow in the space. And so, to work…”

The End Result

“My customer was really happy with how it all turned out. They said it was exactly what they wanted. It looked good and it was very low maintenance. A good result all round!”

The “After” shot

Indeed, if you would like some help sorting out your own garden, Tim would be very happy to help. Please do get in touch.

Ed’s All-round Gardeners

From the Garden to the Cricket Field

Ed’s all-round gardeners is a term that generally describes us well. No garden maintenance job is too big or too small. We are happy to turn our hands to a whole range of different gardening services. We provide all of the following services:-

  • mowing,
  • hedge cutting,
  • patio washing,
  • tidy-ups
  • garden clearances.

Ed’s All-round Gardeners – Community Spirit

However, Guy Lilford, our Ed’s gardener in Maidenhead (West) takes being an all-rounder to a whole new level. Guy is a very experienced Ed’s gardener who provides a whole range of gardening services to his loyal customer base. Many have been customers for a long time and he has very good relationships with him. Guy’s gardening business fits very well with the satisfaction he gets from being actively involved in his local community. Here is an example of how he took this involvement one step further…

Ed’s All-round Gardeners – Bringing the Ashes to Berkshire

When Guy’s village primary school announced plans for a local fundraising village cricket match with a replication of the Ashes tradition, Guy was more than happy to roll up his sleeves and lend a hand. He volunteered to be one of the sponsors of the cricket match as well as actually playing in it himself. Here is what Guy has to say…

“I have always been a big cricket fan and enjoy playing too. When our local village primary announced plans to run a charity “Ashes” competition, my interest was piqued. They were replicating the ashes tradition and customising it for our own little Berkshire village. Charmed by the concept, I volunteered to play immediately but then thought it would be a great initiative to sponsor and all for a good local cause. And so I put my Ed’s business forward as a match sponsor. All our players had the Ed’s logo, as well as those of the other sponsors, printed on our cricket shirts.”

Ed’s All-round Gardeners – The Match

“It ended up being a really fabulous day, with the whole local community involved. The match was great fun with everyone in good spirits (even the losers!).”

A New Village Tradition

“We followed up our cricket match with tea and home made cakes. Furthermore, the sun shone for us throughout the day and we raised a good sum of money. It was really great to catch up with some friendly faces and my whole family had a lovely time. I often see people when I am out and about wearing my Ed’s uniform so it was a change to be in full cricket gear (although the Ed’s logo was still present!). Everyone was buzzing and saying how we should definitely make the cricket match a new Hurst annual tradition. The Hurst Ashes – who knew that Ed’s would become part of English cricket tradition! “

Gardener News

Gardener News – Marcus is the new Dave

Gardener changeover ahead

Farewell to Dave

We have some gardener news at Ed’s. Dave, our Ed’s gardener in Andover has recently decided to hang up his gardening gloves, sell up and move from Andover to Suffolk. Dave has spent five happy years as an Ed’s gardener. We are all very sorry to say farewell to Dave, who has been a great and enthusiastic member of the Ed’s team. He will most certainly be missed.

However, we are also very happy that Marcus, will take over the service of many of Dave’s lovely customers. Marcus has recently moved from Streatham to run his Ed’s business in Stockbridge and surrounding area. Dave has delievered a very smooth handover. Furthermore, Marcus is very much looking forward to provide the excellent customer service that Dave has delivered.

Marcus on the job

At Ed’s we pride ourselves on this level of customer service which includes providing continuity as much as we possibly can. Our team of experienced gardeners like nothing more than to help each other out and be great team players. In many cases this can lead to them growing their own businesses. As is the case with Dave and Marcus.

We wish both Dave and Marcus all the very best in their future endeavours.

Stripes are always in fashion

Stripes are most definitely where it is at. No matter what time of year!

Dave, Ed’s business owner in Andover, sent us this photo of some mowing handiwork from last week. Some impressive winter stripes! There is a lot to be said for getting your garden looking good at the very start of the year. Start as you mean to go on and all that.

Dave says ” The weather is definitely changing so much that mowing is starting to be pretty much an all year round activity. My customers find that their grass is still growing in what was previously the dead of winter. They don’t like their gardens scruffy, when they are used to them being beautiful. The result is that I am mowing so much more. I’m not complaining though as I like nothing more than a lovely stripy lawn. It is such a satisfying job to do.”

“I enjoy all types of work with Ed’s. My core services are:-

  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge cutting
  • Jet washing
  • Garden Clearances
  • Garden Tidy-ups”

“As the seasons change, the focus of my work tends to change too. I tune in to the needs of my customers’ gardens over the whole year. I am pretty flexible regarding delivering whichever service, or services, their garden requires at a particular point of the year.”

“Some people are happy to leave mowing until the spring and others want their gardens looking their absolute best all year. I deliver exactly whatever my customers want.”

“I have been servicing many of my customers for a number of years. This means that I know the needs of their gardens very well. I enjoy having that year-round input and my customers enjoy having the peace of mind of knowing that their gardens are in good hands. Both sides are happy!”

If you think Ed’s can help you with your gardening needs, please do get in touch.

Gardener Festive Cheer – Hoe Hoe Hoe

‘Tis the season to be a jolly gardener…

Gardener joy is running very high at this time of year. One of the most exciting times of the year for us! An Ed’s gardener loves nothing more than the traditions of the festive season. When else are verdant branches such a key part of life! Greenery indoors, a brilliant idea! You can see us out and about, decked in our seasonal uniforms and even singing Jingle Bells as we work. If you don’t believe us, the proof is in the photo above!

…and to be thankful for our loyal customers

As always, it has been a pleasure to have serviced all our lovely customers over the past year and to help you keep your gardens looking their very best, whatever the season.

We are looking forward to working with you again in the year ahead.

Naturally, the needs of gardens evolve so please remember that no job is too big or too small. We are happy to mow lawns, turf lawns, cut hedges, tidy up gardens, jet wash patios and also clear leaves when the season requires it. We even help with fence repairs from storm, or other, damage and we sometimes build new fences from scratch. So please let us know, whatever service you require. We are more than happy to discuss.

We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

May your days be merry and green.

Very Best Wishes from everyone in the Ed’s team

Ed’s Gardener focus in Chislehurst

Chris mowing lawn with Ed

Ed’s Gardener Chris – customer service is key

Ed’s Gardener Chris Snowball runs his growing gardening business in Chislehurst.

Chris enjoys delivering a whole range of gardening services as follows:-

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Turfing
  • Power washing
  • Garden tidy ups
  • Garden clearances

Customer service is at the very heart of Chris’s business and he strives to delight his customers with this approach. And so, we asked Chris what this means to him. This is what he has to say…

“I frequently think about what the most important things are in the service I provide to my customers. There is a lot more to being a good gardener than completing a really good gardening job. Therefore, whilst it goes without saying that work should be delivered to a high standard, great customer service is a lot more besides. In reality, the customer experience starts when your customer first makes contact with you and should continue right through to returning for repeat visits. As such, good customer service is continuous and it is more of a relationship than a single job experience.”

“I believe that good communication is key to many things in life and so very important in my own business. My customers deserve clear communication right from first contact. Of course, Life is busy enough for them and they should get clear, comprehensive communication from their gardener. It goes without saying and it is key to your garden being a happy place for you.”

“However, communication is clearly a two way process. I love nothing more than customers sharing their ideas about their garden’s potential with me and understanding them and then working to turn them into reality. That’s one of the very best elements of my job and I find it extremely rewarding.”

If Chris can help you fulfil any of your garden’s needs, please do get in touch.

Gardening galore! – Ed’s Garden Showcase

Gardening galore is definitely where it’s at in Ed’s. Gardening is our business and June is such a wonderful time to be a gardener. It goes without saying that Ed’s gardeners are really busy at the moment. However, it is glorious to be working outdoors in the summer sunshine. Furthermore, it’s wonderful seeing the glorious results of our gardeners’ hard graft.

Gardening galore – Showcase

We thought it would be good to give an insight into some of the gardening that our gardeners have been doing recently. It gives a flavour of the work that we do. We love our stripy lawns at Ed’s but it is not all about that. We pride ourselves in the transformation and ongoing careful maintenance of a whole range of sizes and types of gardens. Furthermore, we focus on what our customers really want from their gardens. The old adage that beauty is in the eye of the beholder is key when it comes to gardens.

Without further ado, and firmly handing all the credit over to our excellent gardeners, here is a little flavour of their recent gardening endeavours…

Ed’s gardeners at work

So we do love our stripes at Ed’s! Our gardeners are masters of the stripy lawn. So we’ll start with a nice stripy lawn…

They don’t come much more stripy than this one. All credits to Marcus, our gardener in Streatham.

Marcus gardens made stripy

Peter, our gardener in Eastleigh has been creating some wonderful stripes in this large garden…

Peter's perfect stripy lawn
Peter’s stripes

Peter‘s team are also good at vertical gardening. They have been scaling some impressive hedges earlier this year…

Peter's hedges
Peter’s vertical gardening

And Ali, our gardener in Cambridge (North) is clearly demonstrating that beautiful gardens can come in all shapes and sizes…

Ali's shady garden retreat
Ali’s fabulous family garden

Kevin, our gardener in Raynes Park, has to get the prize for the greenest garden. He assures us no filters were involved in this photo!

Kevin's green garden
Kevin’s perfect shade of green

Matthew, our gardener in Folkestone, has been very hands-on working closely to his customer’s spec by creating this lovely outdoor space.

Matthew's garden transformation
Matthew’s stunning results

Finally, in the summer of the staycation, Mark, our gardener in Ramsgate, has been creating a perfect Mediterranean oasis for this delighted customer.

Mark's Mediterranean garden in Ramsgate
Mark brings the Mediterranean to Ramsgate

However, our gardeners do have their helpers to assist in delivering all the magic. Here’s a very fine example of an Ed’s little helper…

An excellent little helper
Taking ‘elf and safety very seriously

Moreover, this is just a flavour of what some of our gardeners have been turning their green fingers to. We’ll share more snaps with you as in the coming months.

Ed’s gardeners are happy to work with all different types of gardens. If you think we can help you with yours, please do get in touch.

Gardener Challenge Accepted and Delivered!

Turfing job complete with stripy lawn

Our Ed’s Garden Services Gardener, Bob, who runs his business in Horsham was very excited to take on a big challenging lawn transformation project last year. It was a difficult remit in challenging times. However, Bob’s results were outstanding and his customers were delighted.

We invited Bob to tell us about how he tackled the project.

The Background

” My customers bought their property a couple of years ago and its garden had been neglected for ten years or so. Their previous home had a beautiful manicured lawn. It was their dream to recreate that. However, it took an enormous leap of the imagination to believe that this garden could ever look like that.”

Before the gardener turfing job began
The Challenge!

Taking Stock of the Gardener Challenge

“When I first discussed the project with my customers, the garden looked like nothing short of a disaster zone. Tree surgeons had removed a number of dead trees. The garden was full of stumps and a mess of uneven and boggy land. In short, the area was large, the site was in terrible condition and the customers had very high hopes. All in all, a very challenging project!”

“I think what gave me the confidence to take on such a daunting project was the attitude of the customers. When I talked about the different phases we would need to go through to reach their end result, they understood the scale and complexity. I could see that they grasped that it would not be a case of waving a magic wand. I got the clear impression that they had patience for me and my team to work towards the end result that they desperately wanted. Furthermore, I love a challenge and knew that it would take a lot of work but that we would get there. I really wanted to help them to achieve their dream.”

Making Plans

“I sat down with the customers and scoped out the project with them. We would clear the debris and get a mini digger in to level off the ground and tree stumps in the first phase. Then we would put down lots of topsoil in the next phase. Following that. we would lay approximately 750m2 of turf. Finally we would add copious amounts of TLC to coax it to become that lush and stripy show lawn we all had in our heads.”

“And so I was given the mandate, had the motivation ….now my team and I just had to get on with it!”

Gardener Challenge – Off to a Flying Start

“My team and I got off to a brilliant start with the project. We cleared…and built up an impressive log pile for my customer’s wood burner!

Gardener turfing job log pile
An impressive log pile

Then we got the mini-digger in and got down to some serious levelling.

We quickly moved into our next phase and laid more than ten tonnes topsoil.

Gardener Challenge – the Best Laid Plans

And then, abruptly, we were hampered by the COVID lockdown of last March. I can be quite self-critical but even I could see that there is no way we could have anticipated that risk to progress.”

“Whilst we could continue with garden services during the Lockdown, we had to make significant adjustments to how we worked. For example, I couldn’t work closely with my team so would have to do the work on my own. My customer was also happy to get involved whilst adhering to the lockdown rules. We could still make progress but it would be at a slower pace.”

Tenacious Progress

“I found it quite difficult to get turf in the first Lockdown as garden centres were closed. My strategy was to source what I could where and when I could and lay it piecemeal. I found that I could source 60m2 at a time and laid the lawn gradually. I realised that the lawn aftercare would be even more important to mitigate the risk of a patchy lawn.”

Gardener turfing job begins
Gardener Turfing job almost laid
Steady progress was made

Foiled by Fungus

” I finished laying the full lawn. Some patchiness was inevitable at this stage but I knew exactly what to do to sort it out. However, I had not anticipated an emerging fungus issue. This was as a result of the decomposing tree stumps left behind by the tree surgeons. It was a bit of a setback but I addressed the issue swiftly and soon our goal was in sight again.”

Gardener laid turf but still patchy
Inevitable patchiness initially

Gardener Challenge Complete

” We were then challenged by the very dry spell late last spring. We were almost obsessive about our watering programme with the brand new lawn. However, our commitment paid off. Lo and behold, despite all the challenges, by the summertime we had an absolutely glorious green and stripy lawn!”

Turfing job complete with stripy lawn
The end goal!

“My customers were ecstatic with the final result. I achieved my goal on what was already a difficult project but made much more challenging by external circumstances.”

“We are now in lawn maintenance mode. In this phase I have also been planting their borders which will make the garden even more stunning. I planted a whole range of colourful borders and can’t wait to see the plants bloom in springtime. I thoroughly enjoy continuously improving gardens, especially ones as lovely as this has become. “

We love gardens at Ed’s. We love our customers. And we also love challenges. Indeed, we thrive on them. It’s true that we love delighting our customers and we consistently go above and beyond for them. We offer a whole range of gardening services to meet all of your gardening needs. This includes tackling big turfing projects like this to much smaller maintenance tasks and we are enthusiastic about them all. We love to take the problem away so you can just enjoy your garden.

If we can help you with any of your gardening needs, please do get in touch.

Ed’s Garden Services

Garden Services Great Bookham Hedgehog Patrol

Heroes for Hedgehogs!

Ed’s Garden Services gardeners meet quite a lot of little hedgehog friends as we go about our day to day gardening jobs, especially in autumn. All of our gardeners have their own stories about encounters with our prickly garden companions and we are rather fond of them.

Ed’s Garden Services Dan to the rescue!

Garden Services Dan Bookham

This particular little fellow was given roadside assistance by Dan, who is our gardener in Great Bookham. Dan says ” I do come across a number of hedgehogs while working in my customers’ gardens. However I spotted this little guy wandering on a really narrow grass verge of a busy road. He looked like he was about to wander on to the tarmac. He looked very young too. I parked the van up safely and ran back to lift him to safety.”

Garden Services Great Bookham Hedgehog Patrol

Beyond looking cute, hedgehogs are delightful little creatures who diligently go about their gardening work of eating insects that can be harmful to plants. By nature, they tend to be quite shy and they do enjoy napping. Hedgehogs love nothing better than curling up in any piles of leaves and twigs which have accumulated in gardens.

Bonfires are bad news for hedgehogs…

An unlit bonfire is a very attractive place for a hedgehog for a quick autumn nap. So, please do be very vigilant this evening.

Make sure you check through the unlit bonfire for any sleeping hedgehogs before you set the bonfire alight. If you find a hedgehog, use a handkerchief or dish towel or even a bunch of autumn leaves to gently pick him up. Then move him to a quiet spot before the bonfire and firework festivities begin. He will be very grateful for it!

Tiggiwinkles Wildlife Hospital are experts in treating poorly hedgehogs, some of whom have been casualties of bonfires. Some hedgehogs survive with painful burns but others are not so lucky. Tiggiwinkkles gives this advice about how to make your garden hedgehog-friendly throughout the year.

Gardening business as usual…

…gardening with safety first

Kevin Ed's gardener in Raynes Park ready for business
Kevin, our gardener in Raynes Park ready for work

Gardening is a year-round business in normal times. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many businesses in different ways. Here at Ed’s we thought it would be a good idea to give our customers a brief update on how things are going at Ed’s in light of the COVID-19 events of recent months.

Gardening services were able to continue during lockdown which was a big relief to all our Ed’s gardeners. Our gardeners consider themselves very fortunate that this is the case. Gardening is naturally a safe and socially-distanced activity. However, our gardeners have put a range of safety precautions in place to protect the safety of their customers as well as their own while they go about their gardening jobs.

Demand for our gardening services has been running high over the past months. We are very grateful for our customers’ business at any time, but especially during these uncertain times. We are doing our very best to service our customers’ needs whilst of course continuing to work safely.

The word on the street…

Mark, our Ed’s gardener in Ramsgate sums things up well. Mark says ” When the pandemic first hit, like everyone else in the country, I wondered what it would mean for my business. However, I have been really busy throughout. Demand for my services has been really strong. The feedback I have been getting from my customers is that everyone is spending a lot more time at home. Outdoor space is even more of a luxury than usual. If the summer is being spent at home, they want the garden to feel as much like being on holiday as possible. That’s where I can make a big difference. I have found it really rewarding to help my customers during these difficult times.”

Our Gardening Services…

Our Ed’s gardeners continue to cover a whole range of gardening services in the following areas:-

  • Lawn mowing – no lawn is too big or two small. We can cope with overgrown lawns and equally well-tended lawns.
  • Hedge cutting – from small box hedges to big hedge cutting jobs, we are happy to help.
  • Garden clearances and tidy-ups – we are experienced in getting stuck in and making a big difference to your space.
  • Jet washing – patios and terraces look so much better when they are clean.
  • Fencing – storm damage? Or maybe just a more attractive new fence? We are happy to discuss your ideas with you.

Please do get in touch if we can help you with any of your gardening needs.