Lawn Mowing on a grand scale

Pierre and Penny mow a meadown

Lawn mowing meadows by day…

Lawn mowing is something that Pierre and Penny Krycler know a lot about! Pierre and Penny run their Ed’s gardening business in Camberley and their days involve a lot of cutting grass.  They really enjoy all their jobs but  were tickled pink with this recent job. They have been running their Ed’s business for over five years.  However,  this was the first time that they have been asked to mow a meadow!

Pierre says,” It’s really good fun when we get new jobs such as this one as they are quite different from our usual garden maintenance jobs.”

Penny said,” We had a really good time doing this job. It was a challenging one on account of the size of the job.  However, we always try our best to meet our customers’ needs and give each job our very best shot.  The customer was very happy with the end result.”

Pierre added, “Penny also had some fun taking photos of this job. In some of them, it’s case of ‘spot the gardener’ – me!

Pierre and Penny mow a meadown
Pierre and Penny mow a meadow

…. and cultivating vegetables in their spare time

Village Competition Produce
Village Competition Produce

Pierre and Penny’s passion for gardening spills over to their home life as well.  They are the first to admit that they have really caught the gardening bug since joining Ed’s.  They take a lot of pride in maintaining their own lovely cottage garden in their spare time.  Pierre and Penny are modest about it all but their vegetables are really quite something.  It is no surprise that they tend to take their local village show by storm! Penny says, “It’s really funny but when we started growing vegetables it was just experimental. However, we realised that we are pretty good at it and now we take it a lot more seriously!  You would think that, after a long day’s gardening, we would want to be couch potatoes. But no, we would rather be concentrating on the potatoes in the garden!”

Penny says “Our life sounds so quintessentially British –  mowing meadows by day and cultivating our own vegetables for village shows in the evenings. In truth, it really is quite idyllic and we wouldn’t choose any other life.”

If you think Pierre and Penny can help you with any of your garden maintenance needs, please do get in touch.

Lawn mowing at its best

Beautiful large lawn in rural Norfolk

Lawn mowing in beautiful Norfolk

Gardening is what I enjoy, whatever the setting. However, this garden is something very special…

Lawn mowing is something that Stuart Thackeray is very good at. He runs his Ed’s business in rural Norfolk (North and West). Stuart recently shared with us a photo of one of his beautiful gardens. Stuart says ” This is a new garden that I’ve just added to my customer portolio. We’ve just mowed this very large lawn for the first time. The garden is a large woodland one in the most amazing of settings. The garden is truly stunning and a was a pleasure to be in.”

“Mowing this garden properly takes quite some time – two of us take more than two hours to get this result. However, who would complain about working hard in this beautiful environment! And just look at those stripes!”

“It is always so rewarding to see the results of your hard work and I must say I was very pleased to review the finished result here. It was a beautiful day as well and the birds were singing. I honestly don’t think you could dream up a more idyllic landscape.”

“We feel very privileged to be able to tend such wonderful gardens. However, no job is too big or small. Also, whilst we love mowing, we are always happy to help with a whole range of garden maintenance services. From mowing to hedges to jet-washing patios, turfing or fencing…Variety is the spice of life, as they say.”

Stuart joined Ed’s Garden Services in 2014 and started his business in New Malden in Surrey, having worked in London for many years. He loved running his garden maintenance business and enjoys providing excellent customer service but wanted to do it in a place he loved. Stuart had grown up in rural Norfolk and wanted to relocate back there to run his gardening business. He subsequently moved to Whissonsett, near Fakenham, to run his gardening business…. mission accomplished!

If you think Stuart and his team can help you with your garden’s needs, please do get in touch.

Lawn Mowing – Bob’s earned his stripes

lawn mowing satisfaction

Bob’s Lawn Mowing  – first cut for a brand new lawn

Bob Dulieu, our Ed’s business owner in Horsham, is proud of all his lawn mowing jobs but this one is just a little bit extra-special.

Bob told us why he is so proud of this lawn mowing  job? “That’s because only a matter of months ago, this lovely lush lawn was just a rather scrappy piece of gravel. Hard to believe, isn’t it?”

gravel bed

From gravel to lawn mowing – the remit…

“We went to visit the customer to talk through exactly what they wanted. The customer really didn’t like the gravel bed and wanted something far more colourful.  They were keen to have new lawn laid but only if it could look really good. We were confident that we could deliver in this respect.”

And so, this January (less than four months ago), Bob and his team (including Baloo the dog, Bob’s quality control manager) started work on the garden makeover.

The sequence of events…

preparation for lawn mowing

Bob followed the sequence of events as follows:-

  • First of all, they dug out the  gravel bed.
  • Next they added topsoil and loam
  • Finally…. they carefully returfed the whole area.

The newly laid lawn…

newly laid turf

Luckily, Baloo had been on site throughout to check that everything was being done to the highest standard! 

good quality turf for lawn mowing

Bob was really pleased with the end result. But more importantly, what did the customer think. The customer was thrilled with the work carried out.  They couldn’t believe the transformation and were delighted that Bob’s team were able to make such a difference to their garden. They were very keen for Bob to follow up with the lawn maintenance going forward.

A happy stripy ending…

lawn mowing satisfaction

Bob’s just been back to complete the first mow. He said ” It feels great to see this lawn looking so good.  That’s because we have been responsible for every stage of it. If we hadn’t done the work to such a high standard, the end result could never have looked so good. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. I love my stripes and I think you’ll agree that these ones are the icing on the cake ‘”

The customer is even more delighted with the job now that they have seen the very end result.

And what’s Bob’s job now? “My job is to  keep everything looking just as fantastic going forward!…Baloo will keep me on track of course!”


Lawn Mowing…and much more besides

Lawn Mowing and many other skills

Mark Stanton has just very recently set up his own gardening business in Ramsgate, providing lawn mowing and many other gardening services. We caught up with Mark to find out how he is getting on in the early days of his new venture. Over to Mark…

My Training

Spring Training Session

“Time really has flown since I decided to go ahead with setting up my Ed’s Gardening Business. Since starting, I’ve had great training on delivering all the core Ed’s services.  These services are  lawn mowing, hedge cutting, pressure washing, turfing etc. All my training needs have been rigorously covered and I’ve felt that I have been more than well-prepared for actually doing the job. In addition, I’ve found that the business skills training has been really good.

Ed’s Spring Training Session

I’ve been very lucky that an Ed’s Spring training session took place a couple of weeks ago. The timing for that was just perfect for me and the content was excellent. The training day gave me a great insight on how to grow my business successfully. In addition, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of other Ed’s Operators. The session really reinforced just what is achievable if you put the right building blocks in place as you go along.”

My Work

“I’ve had some really interesting gardening jobs already. I’m also meeting some really lovely customers and I’m thoroughly enjoying doing my absolute best to ensure that they are really happy with my work.”

A Huge Garden Clearance

“Recently, I’ve worked on a very large garden clearance as one of my first jobs. The garden had not been touched for almost twenty years and it was a big job with a high level of challenge. It’s definitely true that I got huge satisfaction from completing this job. It was a very physical job but immensely rewarding. “

“It was actually a really interesting job for me, a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. To start with, it was impossible to see what the layout of the garden was . It was just one big jumble with layers upon layers of years of growth. Gradually the footprint of the garden started to appear and I could see the care that had initially been taken it laying it all out and adorning it with garden seats and planters. To be honest, it was a bit like a mini Lost Garden of Heligan!”

“I really enjoyed the work but by far the best bit was the fact that the customer was hugely appreciative of the work I did. “

A lot of foliage to clear

Years of growth to clear

Cutting away the layers

“And  some photos of the after…”

Ready to plant again


The original layout revealed

My Five star reviews

“* * * * * Mark has done a fantastic job at my father in-law’s and has brought the garden back under control ready for regular maintenance, would recommend for all garden services.”

The value of a job well done

“I’m finding that I’m getting strong recommendations from happy customers already, which is wonderful for my confidence. I think that’s the best accolade you can get for your work, someone recommending you to a friend, family member or neighbour because you have made a great impression by doing a brilliant job for them. I get huge satisfaction from that.”

My thoughts for the future

“I suspected I would love doing gardening for a living and I do. It’s lovely to see spring all around and I can’t wait to develop my business as much as I can in the season ahead.”

“I know that the lawn mowing season is just beginning. I’m really looking forward to developing lawn mowing and hedge cutting and building u my regular customer base. “

Please get in touch…

Mark delivers all of the following core services:-

  • Lawn mowing
  • Hedge cutting
  • Turfing
  • Power washing
  • Garden tidy ups
  • Garden clearances
  • Fencing

Please give Mark  a call if he can help you with any of your garden maintenance requirements in the Ramsgate area.

Ramsgate has a new Ed’s Operator

Mark’s Ed’s gardening business is all up and running in Ramsgate and surrounding areas.

Mark has recently joined Ed’s Garden Services to deliver great customer service to customers in Ramsgate and nearby areas.

Mark lives in Ramsgate and knows and loves the area. He is very practical, with his previous career in electrical and electronic engineering.  Great customer service is second nature to him –  his last job was European Sales Director for a large American Company.  Mark  knows only too well that great customer service is at the heart of any good business.

Mark has always loved gardening. He has done lots of gardening jobs in the past, in his own garden and for friends and family. His love of gardening even resulted in him doing a professional garden design course in the past, just for fun. When the opportunity arose to change his career direction to gardening, he jumped at it. He is delighted to be able to run his own gardening business for a living.

Mark is now fully trained in delivering the whole range of Ed’s Garden Services in Ramsgate and surrounding areas. He does Lawn Mowing, Hedge Trimming, Jet Washing, Garden Tidy Ups and Garden Clearances.

Mark says ” I felt like I had quite a bit of gardening experience even before joining Ed’s. It’s just something that I have always loved and feel very passionate about. I’m loving the idea of gardening full time and to be able to make a real difference in customers’ gardens. I’m really looking forward to doing a variety of different gardening jobs and really don’t mind if they are small jobs, large jobs or somewhere in the middle.”

Please get in touch if Mark can do anything to help you to get your garden shipshape for spring. He will be only too happy to give you a free estimate.

Bob’s special seasonal service – Christmas Tree Disposal.


01403 299 375

Christmas just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a Christmas tree.

There’s nothing like the smell of a real tree to warm the soul. It’s so much fun choosing just the right one, negotiating getting it back home and, of course, the joys of making it look just right.

Fast forward three weeks…..

Falling needles? Lost its lustre? Just feeling a bit ‘over’ Christmas? Want to reclaim your lounge?

Why not just focus on keeping merry and warm and let Bob take away the hassle of disposing of your tree?


01403 299 375

Autumn in all its glory

The colours of autumn are certainly beautiful and the mild weather makes it a lovely time of year to be outdoors…

…however, the stunning season doesn’t come without its own set of garden challenges.

Autumn leaves soon lose their allure when they fall down and start decomposing on the  lawn!

Here at Ed’s we are more than happy to help you with all the garden challenges the season throws your way.   Just as we are happy to deal with the smallest lawns, we are equally happy to turn our hand to small-scale leave clearances.  Just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean your garden shouldn’t still look great.


Haydn, our Ed’s Operator in Southbourne says, ” I actually really enjoy the  tidy up jobs we get at this time of year. We have all the right equipment to go in and give gardens that well-tended look, which is so nice to see in any season. It’s really satisfying. There’s definitely that feeling of ‘blowing away the cobwebs’ when you are doing that kind of garden work.”

So why not get us round and let us restore your garden to its former glory…while you just concentrate on the more fun aspects of the season.



Making the most of our Indian Summer

Our Ed’s Operators are really enjoying the lovely Indian summer weather we are having at the moment. After the summer drought – and the toll it took on our gardens – it’s great to see green grass that is actually growing again.

We are so delighted to have our stripes back! Dave (our Ed’s Operator in Andover) is the proud provider of these ones…

It’s not all about the lawns though. Everything is growing like crazy now that we have had some rain and the sun is still shining.

Here’s a great example of some hedges Dave has been busy with too. They are rather lovely, even if we do say so ourselves

…And this one is so impressive that it has someone living in it!

In the words of one of our Operators, Now is a really rewarding time of year for a gardener. The weather is lovely but not too hot and the late summer growth spurt gives us a lot of opportunity to make gardens look great again. The transformations are amazing. The work is varied and there’s always lots to get on with.”

And who better to help you than Ed’s. Please get in touch to discuss any of your gardening needs.

Dave’s fingers really are green!

Dave, who runs his Ed’s business in Andover, has taken his  ‘green fingers’ one step further recently.

Dave has been working his magic on this customer’s fence.  See for yourself how good it looks close up …



Dave says “Work-wise it’s been quite an unusual summer this year.  We are finding that the extremely hot weather has been taking its toll on lawns.  Not  much can grow in such temperatures.  As a result, we have been mowing less than usual. However, this has given us the opportunity to get on with other garden jobs. That’s a bonus for us, as in high summer it is often difficult to find the time for other work.”

“I really do enjoy all aspects of gardening work.  I was only too happy to oblige when this customer asked about having their fence painted.  And choosing the colour was easy,  GREEN of course!  I really enjoyed the job and the customer was delighted with the end result.”

“So the moral of the story is,  if you haven’t been seeing enough green in your garden lately, we can just paint it for you! Joking aside though, we are only too happy to deliver whatever services our customers require to make their gardens look as good as they possibly can.”

If you have any gardening needs, please do get in touch with Dave. He would be delighted to work with you…



The Grass is Always Greener with Marcus

More about Marcus…

Marcus Phillips joined Ed’s Garden Services in March 2018 and covers the Dulwich, Streatham and Crystal Palace areas.

Not one to let the grass grow under his feet, he has been keeping himself busy ever since joining Ed’s. His most recent job has been turfing a garden in Balham.

Marcus explains further…

‘I was approached by a family who inherited their mum’s old house. Most of the garden had been turned into raised beds to be used as a herb and vegetable garden.’


‘My brief was to clear and lower the heights of beds and to re-use the old sleepers elsewhere. I then needed to create a temporary lawn that would be ready in time for her son’s birthday party in July’.


‘Come October, I will be entirely remodeling the garden again on a bigger scale and in the meantime I will be maintaining the garden’.

Could Marcus help with your gardening needs?