Operator Guy Lilford appeared in the Daily Mail


Operator Guy Lilford of the Bracknell and Maidenhead
areas appeared in the Daily Mail recently to discuss his success of buying an Ed’s Franchise. With the business
and marketing help of Ed’s along with Guy’s hard work, Guy’s business flourished. Due to the success
of his business, Guy is now looking at selling a section
of his franchise in order to concentrate on a smaller area. Buying a section of an existing franchise means immediate work and an immediate client base for those
looking to start in the gardening industry.

Garden Tidy

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Carl who covers the Eastbourne area sent in these photographs of a recent Garden Tidy.  The customer was delighted with his speedy work.




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Unusual Garden Clearance

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Mark Young from Bournemouth sent in these photographs of a recent unusual garden clearance for a customer.  Mark said “The customer wanted the Poly-Tunnel dismantled, their chicken run fence repaired and the shrubs in the chicken run cut back.  She was sick of the sight of the tunnel and was desperate for someone to take it down.”



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HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards Finalist

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Matthew May is through as a finalist in the HSBC Franchisee of the Year Awards which are supported by Express Newspapers.  The winner is to be announced on October 2nd.

Matthew May

Brian Smart (BFA), Suzie McCafferty (Platinum Wave) Mathew May (Ed’s Garden Maintenance) Cathryn Hayes (HSBC) and Sean Hammond (Express Newspapers)

 The judges really enjoyed hearing about his relationships with some of his customers.  Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for more information.

The Jungle

July 2013

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Clive who covers the Hampton and Middlesex area sent in this photograph of him dead heading Heleniums in the Jungle bed (which was all planted last July) on an island off Hampton. Clive said “during the flooding this bed was under two foot of river water for a couple of weeks, but almost everything came through with the exception of a few Dahlias.”

July 2014

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