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Garden Services Great Bookham Hedgehog Patrol

Heroes for Hedgehogs!

Ed’s Garden Services gardeners meet quite a lot of little hedgehog friends as we go about our day to day gardening jobs, especially in autumn. All of our gardeners have their own stories about encounters with our prickly garden companions and we are rather fond of them.

Ed’s Garden Services Dan to the rescue!

Garden Services Dan Bookham

This particular little fellow was given roadside assistance by Dan, who is our gardener in Great Bookham. Dan says ” I do come across a number of hedgehogs while working in my customers’ gardens. However I spotted this little guy wandering on a really narrow grass verge of a busy road. He looked like he was about to wander on to the tarmac. He looked very young too. I parked the van up safely and ran back to lift him to safety.”

Garden Services Great Bookham Hedgehog Patrol

Beyond looking cute, hedgehogs are delightful little creatures who diligently go about their gardening work of eating insects that can be harmful to plants. By nature, they tend to be quite shy and they do enjoy napping. Hedgehogs love nothing better than curling up in any piles of leaves and twigs which have accumulated in gardens.

Bonfires are bad news for hedgehogs…

An unlit bonfire is a very attractive place for a hedgehog for a quick autumn nap. So, please do be very vigilant this evening.

Make sure you check through the unlit bonfire for any sleeping hedgehogs before you set the bonfire alight. If you find a hedgehog, use a handkerchief or dish towel or even a bunch of autumn leaves to gently pick him up. Then move him to a quiet spot before the bonfire and firework festivities begin. He will be very grateful for it!

Tiggiwinkles Wildlife Hospital are experts in treating poorly hedgehogs, some of whom have been casualties of bonfires. Some hedgehogs survive with painful burns but others are not so lucky. Tiggiwinkkles gives this advice about how to make your garden hedgehog-friendly throughout the year.