Garden Tidy Up Before Spring

It maybe sunny but cold and crisp now but the sun will so be warming. So give your garden a tidy up before spring. Mark an Ed’s Operator covering Bournemouth will get your garden ship shape ready for the spring.

A tired overgrown garden in need of attention.

Mark soon got to work with this clients garden in Bournemouth using his skills and enthusiasm to transform this neglected back garden. This three level terraced garden had not been touched for over a year and needed a good cutting back to get it under control again. The individual shrubs had merged into one forming very untidy hedge row. Mark had all the tools he needed and got to work pruning back the individual shrubs. This provided each of them the space and light they desperately needed.


So do you need a garden tidy up, or is your fence damaged or your patio/deck dirty, then give Mark a call. He covers all areas of Bournemouth and will come and provide you with an estimate. A few hours of work by him will have your garden ready to enjoy. Mark’s skills don’t stop there though, he is also able to provide on-going care to your garden throughout the season. Services can be made flexible to meet customers requirements and range from Lawn Mowing/Cutting, Lawn Repairs, Hedge Trimming/Cutting, Hedge Reduction.

Long Lawn in Swindon

Ed’s Operator Paul who covers the Swindon area sent in this photograph of a long lawn he enjoys mowing.

Ed’s Operators enjoy the variety of work they get to do and the customers they meet.  Please contact us for a free estimate.

Curved stripes and more lawns

Stripes on a curved lawn

Ed’s Garden Maintenance operator Andy who covers the Woking area sent in some photographs of his recent mowing jobs.  The one above stands out because it is on a curve.  The photographs below show a large over grown lawn which had to be mowed with care.


Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for free estimate.

Stripey Lawn

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Dan who covers the Esher / Thames Ditton area sent in this photograph of a beautifully striped lawn.  The effect immediately gives the whole garden a feeling of being well maintained.   Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate.

Lawn Mowing in Brighton


Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Nick from Brighton sent in this photograph of a lawn he has recently refurbished.  The lawn was in a very poor state but after deep scarification, re-seeding and treatment it is now close to bowling green standard.

Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate for your lawn needs.

Loving Lawns in Brighton

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Nick thoroughly enjoys mowing lawns and transforming gardens and sent us in these great selection of photographs.
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