Fencing with Fabulous Results in Norfolk (North and West)

Fencing Project Completed with Ed's van beside

Fencing Solutions by Stuart

Fencing is a great job for the cooler months. Stuart, our Ed’s gardener in Norfolk (North and West), along with his team, recently completed an excellent local fencing job.

The Fencing Challenge

Stuart‘s customer was a bit tired of the part hedge/part picket fence which they looked out onto at the front of their property. They really wanted a uniform look. Their goal was a high fence which would effectively screen the front of their property. They also wanted a solution which would look attractive.

Before photo of Norfolk fencing project

The Fencing Solution

Stuart discussed the project with his customer and they agreed on a high-quality and very smart fencing solution.

The Fencing Project

Stuart had his brief in place and it was full steam ahead…The job was quite a challenging one for Stuart and his team but was less daunting when they broke it down into different stages:-

  • Removing the old picket fence – this actually ran the whole breadth of the property but was hidden by the large laurel hedge;
  • Removing the large laurel hedge – this was a big job as the hedge was tall, wide and mature;
  • Stump grinding;
  • Erecting the new fence.

The Great British Weather!

Stuart says “We had been hoping for some nice crisp late-autumn days. Such weather is perfect for a precision job like this. However, as luck would have it, ridiculously wet weather hit. Consequently, we took the decision to stop for a couple of days rather than risk compromising the end result due to the terrible weather conditions. Fence erection of this type is very precise work and it requires the right conditions to get it absolutely right.”

It was the right call. The weather improved a bit and the guys were able to work through some strong winds and heavy showers to crack the job. They finished the fence erection in ideal conditions on a beautiful morning. It felt a world away from the apocolyptic weather of just days before!

The End Result

High quality double sided fencing delivered by Ed's Gardener Stuart from Norfolk

A millimetre perfect run of superb quality double-sided fence panels. What a beauty!

Stuart says ” Jobs like these are challenging and can be a little nerve-racking. You are working with very heavy and expensive fence panels which need total precision to get optimal results and we don’t settle for anything less.” He added ” However, they are hugely satisfying jobs, there is nothing better than seeing a perfect fence at the end of the hard graft.”

Stuart’s customer was absolutely delighted with their brand new fence and thought it looked stunning. We have to agree!

If you have any fencing or general garden maintenance requirements in Norfolk (North and West), please do get it touch. Stuart would be delighted to help you.

Dave’s fingers really are green!

Dave, who runs his Ed’s business in Andover, has taken his  ‘green fingers’ one step further recently.

Dave has been working his magic on this customer’s fence.  See for yourself how good it looks close up …



Dave says “Work-wise it’s been quite an unusual summer this year.  We are finding that the extremely hot weather has been taking its toll on lawns.  Not  much can grow in such temperatures.  As a result, we have been mowing less than usual. However, this has given us the opportunity to get on with other garden jobs. That’s a bonus for us, as in high summer it is often difficult to find the time for other work.”

“I really do enjoy all aspects of gardening work.  I was only too happy to oblige when this customer asked about having their fence painted.  And choosing the colour was easy,  GREEN of course!  I really enjoyed the job and the customer was delighted with the end result.”

“So the moral of the story is,  if you haven’t been seeing enough green in your garden lately, we can just paint it for you! Joking aside though, we are only too happy to deliver whatever services our customers require to make their gardens look as good as they possibly can.”

If you have any gardening needs, please do get in touch with Dave. He would be delighted to work with you…



Anita’s Garden Clearance prepares for Winter

Anita and her team of professional Gardeners have been busy with their Garden Clearance Services recently, delighting their customers in the Wimbledon area with their gardening prowess.

They have been clearing garden beds and building some very smart stone borders, getting the garden ready for winter and for next season as well. A particular request at this time of year as many of our customers are asking for our help in preparing their gardens for winter.


Winter is a golden opportunity to take the time to take stock of the year’s success and failures and to get on with planning for the next year. It also provides the best time for commence work on any construction or adding any features to your garden, so that, by the start of Spring, your garden will be ready for the first plants.

Our Gardeners will take the time to repair any damages to your wooden fences before the damp and cold weather hits home.


Autumn is also the perfect time to look after your Garden furnishings, gardening tools and the general upkeep of your garden. Ed’s Garden Maintenance’s Garden Clearance Services offer the best opportunity to help you and your garden.

Before the winter sets in, and after a wet or cold autumn, our Jet Washing Service can help clear away any damp moss residue off of walls, pathways, driveways, gates and stairs. Performing this simple service will make sure that your garden is safe from slippery surfaces when wet or frozen.