Lawn mowing ready in Royal Tunbridge Wells

David Ross Ed's vehicle branded

Lawn Mowing and other garden maintenance services …

David Ross would so much rather be lawn mowing than sitting in an office. David has just set up his own Ed’s business in Royal Tunbridge Wells. He tells us about his vision for his business…

David Ross Ed's Operator Tunbridge Wells

My background…

“So how did I come to see my future in lawn mowing rather than Corporate life you may ask! My previous role was in Corporate sales but I have always had a real passion for gardening.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to focus on my love of the outdoors and doing practical gardening work. It is great to be able to earn a living doing something I really love.”

My training…

“I am now fully trained and all ready to go.  I havemy brand new Ed’s uniform and my vehicles smartly branded and I’m business-ready.  It is my view (and the Ed’s ethos) that it is really important to have professional kit and vehicles as well as being able to do a very good job. I want to look smart for my customers to complement delivering excellent work. As far as I am concerned, it is all part of the package.”

“I shall be providing a whole range of garden maintenance services. In addition to lawn mowing, I am fully trained in:-

  • Hedge cutting
  • Turfing
  • Power washing
  • Garden tidy ups
  • Garden clearances 
  • Fencing.”

“It is true that I have always done a lot of practical gardening jobs whenever I’ve had the opportunity. However, with Ed’s I’ve  had comprehensive on the job training to ensure that I am ready to provide excellent service right from the start.  I really liked that thoroughness about Ed’s when I was choosing the right franchise business for me.”

“My training has involved spending time with experienced Ed’s Operators to develop my knowledge and give me the right grounding for developing my business.  I knew I had the underlying skill set for this line of work. However, I’ve really honed that and now have full confidence to go out and deliver excellent gardening services.”

“I mowed this lawn on one of my training days.  I think the Ed’s Operator who took me out was really quite impressed. t’s true to say that I really  do love my stripes!”

David Ross lawn mowing stripes

My goals…

“My main goal is to focus on satisfying customers and go the extra mile for them.  I know that excellent customer service is key to building a really strong customer base.  My business will thrive if I can build a foundation of  loyal customers who come to me for repeat regular gardening services. That is the absolute key to a good, sustainable gardening business. “

“I am more than happy to help you with any of your garden maintenance requirements. Please do get in touch if you think I can help and I will be delighted to give you a free estimate.”