Getting in a Tractor to Mow the Grass

Paul Brunton, who operates his Ed’s Garden Maintenance business in Bristol, is responsible for looking after the grounds of a new eco friendly housing development

Paul Brunton, from Ed's Garden Maintenance, mows the grass with a Tractor

Given the size of the site Paul has organised for a mower slightly larger than the one he pushes in peoples gardens

Using a Tractor to Mow the Grass by Paul Brunton from Ed's Garden Maintenance

Paul Brunton, from Ed's Garden Maintenance, uses a tractor to mow the grass in Bristol

the new Eds Jobs system is great

Ed's Garden Maintenance's own dog Angus

Just quickly whilst I’m walking Angus… the new Eds Jobs system is great- so much easier to update jobs on the go now. Plus there’s a new mast up near home now so I can easily get  3G whilst in ‘the sticks’. Just need to remember to keep one eye on him whilst he charges around the huge fields and woods here chasing hares, pheasants, etc!

Early Season Mowing

Ed’s Gardening Operator for St Ives, Richard Weightman, got to grips with a customers lawn early in the season, making use of two Honda professional mowers – the larger one to put stripes on the main lawn, and a smaller one to mow around the daffodils which had been planted the previous autumn, allowing for an elegant display of lawn mowing techniques to bring the best of the garden.


Richard Weightman from Ed's Garden Maintenance Mowing Lawns Mowing Lawns in St Ives with Ed's Garden Maintenance Ed's Garden Maintenance Gardening Service includes Mowing Lawns

Lawn Mowing For A New Garden

Lawn Mowing

First Lawn Mowing service of the season.

First Lawn mowing service delivered to this garden in 2016

Lawn mowing on a new build property for a local builder in Bournemouth has just started. I have now started a lot of the first cuts for my customers as the season has truly started.

The first cut is the sign that spring has arrived and the work begins to pick up in most gardens. At Ed’s Garden Maintenance, we always try and get nice stripes when we mow your lawns.