Ed’s Gardener focus in Chislehurst

Chris mowing lawn with Ed

Ed’s Gardener Chris – customer service is key

Ed’s Gardener Chris Snowball runs his growing gardening business in Chislehurst.

Chris enjoys delivering a whole range of gardening services as follows:-

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Turfing
  • Power washing
  • Garden tidy ups
  • Garden clearances

Customer service is at the very heart of Chris’s business and he strives to delight his customers with this approach. And so, we asked Chris what this means to him. This is what he has to say…

“I frequently think about what the most important things are in the service I provide to my customers. There is a lot more to being a good gardener than completing a really good gardening job. Therefore, whilst it goes without saying that work should be delivered to a high standard, great customer service is a lot more besides. In reality, the customer experience starts when your customer first makes contact with you and should continue right through to returning for repeat visits. As such, good customer service is continuous and it is more of a relationship than a single job experience.”

“I believe that good communication is key to many things in life and so very important in my own business. My customers deserve clear communication right from first contact. Of course, Life is busy enough for them and they should get clear, comprehensive communication from their gardener. It goes without saying and it is key to your garden being a happy place for you.”

“However, communication is clearly a two way process. I love nothing more than customers sharing their ideas about their garden’s potential with me and understanding them and then working to turn them into reality. That’s one of the very best elements of my job and I find it extremely rewarding.”

If Chris can help you fulfil any of your garden’s needs, please do get in touch.