Ed’s All-round Gardeners

From the Garden to the Cricket Field

Ed’s all-round gardeners is a term that generally describes us well. No garden maintenance job is too big or too small. We are happy to turn our hands to a whole range of different gardening services. We provide all of the following services:-

  • mowing,
  • hedge cutting,
  • patio washing,
  • tidy-ups
  • garden clearances.

Ed’s All-round Gardeners – Community Spirit

However, Guy Lilford, our Ed’s gardener in Maidenhead (West) takes being an all-rounder to a whole new level. Guy is a very experienced Ed’s gardener who provides a whole range of gardening services to his loyal customer base. Many have been customers for a long time and he has very good relationships with him. Guy’s gardening business fits very well with the satisfaction he gets from being actively involved in his local community. Here is an example of how he took this involvement one step further…

Ed’s All-round Gardeners – Bringing the Ashes to Berkshire

When Guy’s village primary school announced plans for a local fundraising village cricket match with a replication of the Ashes tradition, Guy was more than happy to roll up his sleeves and lend a hand. He volunteered to be one of the sponsors of the cricket match as well as actually playing in it himself. Here is what Guy has to say…

“I have always been a big cricket fan and enjoy playing too. When our local village primary announced plans to run a charity “Ashes” competition, my interest was piqued. They were replicating the ashes tradition and customising it for our own little Berkshire village. Charmed by the concept, I volunteered to play immediately but then thought it would be a great initiative to sponsor and all for a good local cause. And so I put my Ed’s business forward as a match sponsor. All our players had the Ed’s logo, as well as those of the other sponsors, printed on our cricket shirts.”

Ed’s All-round Gardeners – The Match

“It ended up being a really fabulous day, with the whole local community involved. The match was great fun with everyone in good spirits (even the losers!).”

A New Village Tradition

“We followed up our cricket match with tea and home made cakes. Furthermore, the sun shone for us throughout the day and we raised a good sum of money. It was really great to catch up with some friendly faces and my whole family had a lovely time. I often see people when I am out and about wearing my Ed’s uniform so it was a change to be in full cricket gear (although the Ed’s logo was still present!). Everyone was buzzing and saying how we should definitely make the cricket match a new Hurst annual tradition. The Hurst Ashes – who knew that Ed’s would become part of English cricket tradition! “