Anita’s getting ready for spring

Garden Tidy-ups

Here at Ed’s Garden Services, we are getting all geared up for spring. The winter weather certainly takes its toll on gardens. This winter has been throwing all it can at us – wind, rain, sleet and snow! We’ve already started to help our customers get their gardens ship shape for the year ahead.

Anita, our Ed’s Operator in Wimbledon, has been busy making big differences in gardens. This one is a cute cottage garden which the owners needed to spruce up for presenting the property to market.   Anita has been asked to get it looking good and keep it looking just as good while it is on the market.

Here’s  before Anita and her team worked their magic…

And the finished article…

Anita says “It’s amazing how much of a difference you can make in a relatively short time at this time of year. Even the most beautiful gardens can look quite neglected after the toll of winter. We can make a real difference and make sure your garden is in pole position to look its best for the year ahead.”

Keeping Ivy in check

Although we appreciate our evergreens, ivy can get very unruly without a bit of TLC. Left unchecked, it can do substantial damage to the structures it grows on. Here’s where Anita has been  tasked with reducing  wall height to eliminate ivy damage.

Anita says “It’s so much easier to get to grips with ivy ahead of the growing season. It’s very pretty but can be detrimental to structures and other plants if it is not knocked into shape and kept that way!  I love helping my customers sort things like this out before they become real problems for them.”

Anita and her team would be delighted to help you meet the needs of your garden. Please just get in touch.

Anita’s Garden Clearance prepares for Winter

Anita and her team of professional Gardeners have been busy with their Garden Clearance Services recently, delighting their customers in the Wimbledon area with their gardening prowess.

They have been clearing garden beds and building some very smart stone borders, getting the garden ready for winter and for next season as well. A particular request at this time of year as many of our customers are asking for our help in preparing their gardens for winter.


Winter is a golden opportunity to take the time to take stock of the year’s success and failures and to get on with planning for the next year. It also provides the best time for commence work on any construction or adding any features to your garden, so that, by the start of Spring, your garden will be ready for the first plants.

Our Gardeners will take the time to repair any damages to your wooden fences before the damp and cold weather hits home.


Autumn is also the perfect time to look after your Garden furnishings, gardening tools and the general upkeep of your garden. Ed’s Garden Maintenance’s Garden Clearance Services offer the best opportunity to help you and your garden.

Before the winter sets in, and after a wet or cold autumn, our Jet Washing Service can help clear away any damp moss residue off of walls, pathways, driveways, gates and stairs. Performing this simple service will make sure that your garden is safe from slippery surfaces when wet or frozen.

Pond Maintenance in Putney

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita who covers the Putney area recently tidied up this pond.  (I do not have any before photographs but I understand it was very overgrown.)  Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate.


Raised Beds in Putney

Before – working whatever the weather

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita sent in the work involved to make these great raised beds for a customer in Putney.

The timber arrives
The ground is prepared
The raised beds are made and filled
Raised beds

Before and after turfing in South West London

Two Operators from Ed’s Garden Maintenance worked on this garden together in South West London.  Kevin laid new turf for the customer and Anita put up a new fence.  We think the end result looks great.  Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate for your gardening needs.





Turfing in Putney

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita who covers the Putney area sent in these photographs of a recent turfing job.  The customer was thrilled with the result.

Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for a free estimate for a new lawn.

Stripey Lawn In Putney

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita who covers Putney sent in this photograph of a beautifully mowed stripey lawn. 

All Ed’s Operators have their own equipment and knowledge to help care for your lawn.  Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate.

Double the Lawn Size in Putney

Removing the border
Clearing the site

Preparing to turf
Rolling out the turf

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita from Putney sent in these photographs showing the process involved to increase the size of a lawn.

Anita’s team removed about 12 meters of brick and cement borders, about two tonnes of pea shingle and about 8 tonne bags of mature tree / shrub / plants.  The customer had 12 meter square lawn and Anita managed to doubled the size.


Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate to turf your garden or for general garden maintenance.

Spring Turfing in Putney

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita who covers the Putney area sent in these before and after photographs of a recent turfing job.

Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance for your gardening requirements.