Ed’s welcomes PR Diane Sealey to support operators

Ed’s Garden Maintenance is now the largest domestic garden maintenance franchise in the UK, quite an achievement in seven years.  Part of what makes Ed’s successful is the amount of support that operators are given allowing them to focus on their core activity.  Edward has recently expanded his team by retaining PR expert Diane Sealey who will promote Ed’s increasing public awareness and supporting individual operators in their local areas.

Diane has worked as an independent PR consultant for 20 years helping companies ranging from start-ups to blue chips. Diane said, “Ed’s immediately resonated with me – I have been fortunate enough to always do work that I am passionate about which at the same time has allowed me work/life balance.  That is exactly what a franchise with Ed’s gives people.  I’ve worked with enough companies to recognise what contributes to success.  Ed is passionate, professional and committed to the success of his franchisees.  I’m looking forward to supporting all of Ed’s operators helping them promote their businesses in their local areas with a range of PR activity, writing articles, liasing with press and being a constant source of advice and creative ideas to help them grow their businesses.”


Ed’s Garden  Maintenance Operator Richard Weightman who covers St Ives, Cambridgeshire sent in these photographs of a recent turfing job he did for a customer.

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Wild Garlic

 Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in these photographs of Wild Garlic with the following comment:-
Wild garlic took over the garden, it was growing through the grass and the mower minced it up into a nice paste, the smell was dreadful!  The customer suggested we invite some chefs round to use it!
We are very pleased to have learnt

from our Wisley visit how to get rid of it if necessary.

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Ed’s to Frog Rescue

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny recently rehoused some frog spawn.

Whilst carrying out regular maintenance we noticed frogs had been spawning in the disused pond.  The water was evaporating with the warm weather.  We carefully removed the spawn into a removal vehicle for rehousing. We called upon another local customer and asked her a favour, to rehouse the spawn in her shallow pond. She was delighted to help and hopefully all with survive. All in a days work, phew!


Job Satisfaction

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators Pierre and Penny sent in this photograph of what she feels depicts Spring with the following:-

“It started out foggy, overcast and depressing this morning but improved during the day and eventually the sun came through.  We entered this particular garden for regular maintenance and were welcomed by this wonderful sight.  To top it all this Viburnum with masses of dark green foliage and pink-tinged, white flowers filled the whole garden with it’s beautiful fragrance.  An absolute delight and joy around every corner.  Job satisfaction every time!”

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