From Wilderness to a Tamed Garden in The Hemingfords, St Ives

Back in September 2015, Richard and his colleague Roy, were called in to help an elderly couple out who were now unable to tend their  garden in The Hemingfords, St Ives. They were scared to go in their beloved garden as the risk of tripping had become too great and they couldn’t even hang washing out anymore as the garden had got too out of hand.

It was quite a daunting task, but Richard and Roy hired a skip, removed all the items which had built up over the years and then set to work on rotavating the whole area, removing the roots and other green waste. The old pond was next on the list for total removal. The area was then levelled, and finally seeded with grass seed. The photos show the transformation, the best part of the job being that the home owners are now not scared of venturing outside. They are able to walk to the end of their garden, sit on the bench and look out over the sheep in the field beyond and love being outdoors once again.

Richard enjoys regularly mowing the new lawn which as you will see in the after photos is growing well. If you require help with your garden, please get in touch.

Preparing a Wild Garden for Hedge TrimmingPreparing a garden for our Tidy Up from Ed's Garden Maintenance
Clearing the Garden Lawn by Ed's Garden Maintenance
Mowing the Lawns to remove the wilderness by Ed's Garden MaintenanceGarden Clearance Job done by Ed's Garden Maintenance

Turfing Job in Strafford-Upon-Avon

Completed Turfing Job by Ed's Garden Maintenance

Here are some photos of a job Mike from Stratford Upon Avon undertook during the winter months. He continued the walling, built a pond, planted the borders and re-turfed the main area.

Extending the wall

Ed's Garden Maintenance Extending a Garden Wall

Completing the wall

Extending a Garden Wall with Ed's Garden Maintenance

Preparing for turfing

Preparing the ground for Turfing with Ed's Garden Maintenance


Turfing a new Lawn with Ed's Garden Maintenance

Completed job

A New Garden lawn Turfed by Ed's Garden Maintenance