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Lawn Mowing

Ed's Garden Services offers a full lawn mowing and grass cutting service.

We provide a local Lawn Mowing service - and due to the way we work - we are able to cover a large area with our many Garden Operators and their teams. Try our Free Estimate service and we will aim to call you back within one hour.

Prompt, Reliable, Efficient is our mantra and we live by it. This means that, not only do we take care of all your practical lawn mowing requirements, we also focus on providing great customer service. What this means is it’s not just what we do, but the professional manner in which we do it.

We offer a full and flexible lawn mowing and grass cutting service to meet all your needs as efficiently as possible.

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Friendly and very reliable. 


Chris is extremely reliable, nothing is ever too much trouble. Always polite and communica...

Carina - 04 Jun 2024

On Demand Delivery

Call us, and we will be with you as soon as possible - usually the same day. Prices depend on the condition of the lawn. A lawn in good condition will typically cost less to cut, we assess the price based on the size of the lawn and how long it might take us.

We will always confirm the price with you first.

Regular Service

This is a fixed-price service for an agreed number of visits during the year. Each visit is scheduled, so you can be sure your lawn will always be maintained and looking good. You can then sit back and enjoy your garden.

We offer better value if you choose our regular lawn mowing service.

How our lawn mowing and grass cutting services work

Stripy lawn with lavender in foreground

On-demand Lawn Mowing Service

Whether it is a lawn trim or a serious grass cutting job, Ed’s is happy to assist. We will be with you as soon as possible – usually the same day.  Lawn mowing prices depend on the condition of the lawn.  Typically, a lawn in good condition will cost less to cut as it will take less time.  However, Ed’s will give you an accurate free lawn mowing estimate based on the size of the lawn and how long it might take us.

We will always confirm the price with you first to make sure you are happy for us to go ahead.

Regular Lawn Mowing Service

This is a fixed-price service for an agreed number of visits during the year. Each visit is scheduled, so you can be sure your lawn will always be maintained and looking good. You can then sit back and forget about the ongoing maintenance of your lawn. This is a more cost-efficient option with more customer commitment.

Steve, our Ed’s Operator in Horsham, getting to work

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s included in your lawn mowing service?
    We arrive at a pre-agreed time with our own high-performance gardening kit, mow your lawn to the agreed specification and take all the waste away with us.
  • Is there an obligation to go ahead with the lawn mowing job if I get a free estimate?
    Absolutely not. The most important thing to us is a happy customer and we only want you to go ahead if you are happy with the service we propose.
  • My lawn is a bit of a mess. Is it going to be too long for you to mow?
    Ed’s can deal with this. Our Operators have all the equipment to tackle even the most neglected lawns.  We know about lawns and we can easily assess the work involved and give you an estimate reflecting the effort the job involves.
  • Can you give me a price for grass cutting over the phone?
    Every job is different. It is not just dependent on the size of the lawn. To give you an accurate estimate, it is much more efficient to see your lawn – its condition and any special considerations. That way, we can give you an accurate estimate.
  • My lawn is in need of some TLC before it is ready for regular mowing. Can you help?
    Yes we can. Many of our Operators have done advanced lawn care training. Call us for a chat about your specific requirements.

What our Operators say about our lawn mowing

Dave Laing Lawn Mowing Expert Andover

Dave from Andover says “I enjoy delivering all my Ed’s Garden Services.  However, I must admit, I LOVE mowing. And I get great satisfaction from making lawns look great. Perfecting my stripes is a great source of pride for me too.”

What our Customers say about our lawn mowing

Suzi from Esher says “The best thing we ever did was get a regular lawn mowing schedule set up with Dan (Link to microsite) Dan, our local Ed’s Operator. We’ve both got busy jobs and, come the weekend, the last thing we feel like doing is spending time working in the garden. We’d rather be relaxing in it! The garden now always looks great and Dan has just taken the problem away from us and deals with it. Sorted!”

Guidelines for good Lawn Mowing Practices

 The mechanics of lawn mowing

Good lawn mowing does more than just keep the lawn at the desired length. When lawn mowing is done properly, the density of the lawn increases and this in turn decreases weeds. Proper mowing creates a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant lawn. With good mowing, a virtuous circle is formed!

At Ed’s, when we do lawn mowing, the first thing we do is establish the type of grass we are dealing with in order to judge the required height for this type of grass. Personal preference also plays a part to a degree so we will chat to the customer too and take this into account.

We always adhere to the ⅓ rule. What this means is that you should never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time. A healthy lawn can survive an occasional close cut but repeated close-cut mowing can result in a brown lawn. Beyond the aesthetics, there can also be the following harmful effects:-

  • Injury to the crown. This is detrimental to the overall lawn as it is where new growth generates and nutrients are stored;
  • Reduction of the surface area of the blade, making the blade surface insufficient to produce food through photosynthesis;
  • An increase in the sunlight reaching weed seeds, allowing them to germinate and run the risk of soil compaction;
  • Increased vulnerability to pests and disease.

Key steps in mowing a Lawn

  • Make sure that lawn area should be clear such as children toys, hard objects and especially damaging objects such as hidden bricks;
  • If the customer has pets and children ensure that they are in safe distance from the mowing activity;
  • Pre-check the lawn mower to make sure it’s safe. It is strongly recommended that the mower is filled up with sufficient fuel to finish the mowing job
  • Start by mowing around the perimeter of the lawn. Work back and forth across the lawn in stripes. It is good practice to work parallel to the house and overlap the strips slightly.
  • Go over the mown stripes with a roller. Rolling bends the grass,creating light and dark stripes as you roll in one direction and then the other. The effect is very aesthetically pleasing.

A few final words of wisdom from our experienced Lawn Mowing Experts

  • What about mowing in the rain? Well, we do mow in the rain but Ed’s Operators have petrol mowers for performance. Electric mowers should NEVER be used in the rain as water conducts electricity and you risk getting an electric shock. Also, you need to make sure you empty the grass collection box more frequently if you are mowing in the rain as the grass cuttings can get very compacted.
  • There is a risk that the worn wheels of an older mower can result in tram lines. This is not such an issue if lawn mowing is done regularly as the direction of mowing to be altered on the next mow.
  • Make sure you sharpen your mower blade before each mowing season. Indeed, dull blades shred the top of the grass, leaving frayed ends that can dry out and turn brown.
  • Don’t forget to change the pattern each time to avoid wearing wheel marks into the lawn.
  • When cutting very long grass, you will find that the lawn underneath will be brown for a week or so but it will regenerate.  However, you can help the process by mowing twice in opposite directions and then mowing again a week or so later.

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