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Eds Garden Services Operators offer a professional and customer focused service using quality turf for the work required.

Our initial visit is to give a free estimate and advise on the best course of action. Sometimes our lawn maintenance programme will be sufficient to salvage your existing lawn or it may be the builders have finished and the lawn resembles a building site and is non-existent. Whatever the reason, we will clearly explain the proposed course of action taking into account your needs.

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The lawn turf service includes:

New Lawns

For a new house or after builders have completed a renovation or where no grass has existed before. The ground to be turfed needs preparing, and levelling.


When an old lawn needs replacing, or parts of the lawn needs to be replaced, the old grass will need to be dug out before the ground can be prepared and levelled.

Site Clearance

We clear any existing grass and garden waste from the area to be turfed.

Soil Preparation

We rotovate or dig through, loosen and flatten the soil bed for a good 'take'.


We always use quality turf.


Flower beds can be cut out of the newly turfed area.


To help the turf get established.

Lawn Cutting

After about 4 weeks your new lawn is likely to be ready for its first cut.


We will advise on how to care for your lawn.

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