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We at Ed’s Garden Services provide a full and flexible turfing service to our customers. First of all, we alway provide effective and professional turfing services to suit your individual requirements. However, we also give you honest and professional advice regarding whether we can regenerate an existing lawn or whether we would be better to re-turf.

Turfing - What's the scope?

We cover a whole range of different scenarios with our turfing jobs. Moreover, we manage lawn projects of all different shapes and sizes. Very importantly, we always tailor our jobs to the specific needs of our customers.

Turfing - How it works

We visit you, assess the situation and give you honest advice regarding how best you can move forward. We can help you with re-turfing or an in-depth lawn maintenance/rescue plan. Why not give us a call? Then we can estimate and then do the work if you would like us to.

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Clive is our regular gardener he is reliable and friendly.

John - 23 Jul 2024

A reliable gardener 


Ali is very dependable and pleasant always helpful, does a good job and leaves the garden ...

Daisy - 22 Jul 2024

Amazing transformation 


Nick came to us for a complete garden tidy of the front and back gardens. He was reliable ...

Lettie - 22 Jul 2024

What Turf looks like when it is delivered

Rolls of turf ready for laying

The lawn turf service includes:

  • New Lawns For a new house or after builders have completed a renovation or where no grass has existed before. The ground to be turfed needs preparing, and levelling.
  • Re-Turfing When an old lawn needs replacing, or parts of the lawn needs to be replaced, the old grass will need to be dug out before the ground can be prepared and levelled.
  • Site Clearance We clear any existing grass and garden waste from the area to be turfed.
  • Soil Preparation We rotovate or dig through, loosen and flatten the soil bed for a good 'take'.
  • Laying We always use quality turf.
  • Edging Flower beds can be cut out of the newly turfed area.
  • Watering To help the turf get established.
  • Lawn Cutting After about 4 weeks your new lawn is likely to be ready for its first cut.
  • Aftercare We will advise on how to care for your lawn.


Turfing - Some examples…

We deal with a number of different situations where our customers are considering returfing in their gardens.:-

House Move

It may be that you have just bought your house and feel that you need to start afresh and lay a new lawn.

Lawn Problems

Perhaps you have significant problems with your existing lawn (e.g. moss) and wonder if it can be salvaged or if you need to re-turf.

Building Work Aftermath

Maybe you have just completed a big building project and your lawn has been ruined in the process.

Garden Reconfiguration

You may want to move your lawn to a different area in your garden as part of a garden redesign.

And many other scenarios...

You can get amazing results with re-turfing. Here are some before and after photos of one of our turfing jobs. Our Operator, Bob , did this great job. Bob is our Ed’s Operator in Horsham.


Before turfing

The turf in progress...

Turfing job in progress

After we laid the lawn…

turfing job completed

Our end result - a beautiful stripy lawn… and a delighted customer!

Lawn stripes after turfing job

Turfing - What are the key elements of doing a good turfing job?

Good quality raw materials

First of all, you need good quality turf and you need to treat it carefully between procuring it and laying it. You need to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged or dry out.

Site clearance and Preparation

This varies depending on the particular job. For example if the turfing job is laying a lawn from scratch in a newbuild garden or after builders have completed a renovation or the lawn is to be laid in an area where no grass has existed before, after clearing the site carefully of any debris or garden waste, the ground can be prepared properly and levelled. However, in a situation where an old lawn is to be replaced, either in full or partially, the old grass needs to be carefully dug out and removed before the ground can be prepared and levelled.

Preparing the soil

Next, we rotovate or dig through the soil. This is really important to loosen and flatten the soil bed and to ensure a good ‘take’ with the new turf.

Laying the turf

Then, there is the matter of laying the turf. Good quality turf is extremely important for a good result. You also need to make sure that you treat the turf carefully between procuring it and laying it, making sure that it doesn’t get damaged or dry out. Your goal should be to lay your turf on the same day as it is delivered. However, if this isn't possible, make sure to unroll the rolls and water the turf.


Flower beds can be cut out of the newly turfed area.

Initial watering

This is very important to assist the turf in getting established.


After we have completed the job, we advise our customers how to care for their brand new lawn in the early stages, how often to water etc. What's more, wde are happy to pop back to keep a check on things. We are also happy to manage the after-care for our customers if required. The level of our involvement can be discussed when we estimate the job for the customer.

Lawn cutting

The new lawn will be ready for its first cut after about four weeks. We are happy to support customers with the ongoing maintenance and care of their new lawn.

Frequently asked questions

What’s included in your turfing service?

We arrive at a pre-agreed time with all the tools and materials we need. Then we do the job to the specification we have agreed with you. Afterwards, we tidy up. We’ll come back to check all is well with the lawn. We can also agree an ongoing maintenance programme with you, if you require it.

Do I have to go ahead with the returfing job if I get a free estimate?

There is never any obligation.

My lawn is in a mess and I think it needs returfing but it is just a tiny area. Will you take on jobs like this?

We at Ed’s can deal with all types and sizes of lawns. Certainly, we have the experience to assess the work involved and give you an estimate reflecting the amount of effort the job requires.

Can you give me a price for a turfing job over the phone?

We really need to see the area in order to give you an accurate estimate. We need to take into account a number of considerations when we are estimating the effort involved in a job. All jobs are different.

I’ve got a party in my garden next month and my scruffy lawn is ruining the look of my garden. I really want it to look good. Will you be able to do it before then?

We always try our best to meet your requirements. Rest assured, if we can help you within your timeframe, we will. If we can't, we'll be honest and tell you that so you can try to get someone else.

Turfing - What our Operators say

Our Ed’s Operator in Ramsgate, Mark says, “I really enjoy a good turfing job. I felt really nervous when I laid my first lawn as I knew there were various elements that I had to get completely right or the end result would not be good. We all know the the proof is in the pudding! However, I needn’t have worried as the job turned out really well. My turfing jobs are second nature now. I feel it's just like following a recipe! It is really satisfying when I replace an unsightly lawn with a pristine one. I particularly enjoy when I lay a beautiful lawn at the end of a big building project as it is like the icing on the cake.”

Turfing - What our Customers say

Emma from Horsham says:- What a beautiful lawn!!

“In January, Bob kindly removed all of our ugly gravel (and I mean tons of it). He disposed of it and then laid us a beautiful lawn. Bob's work was super-efficient, perfectly tidy and the end result was better than anything we had imagined. It is now April and our lawn is simply luscious and Bob has kindly given it, its first cut, we even have stripes in our lawn which I'm sure Wimbledon would be envious of. If you're looking for a friendly, reliable, tidy and efficient gardener, you couldn't ask for more with Bob - he's simply brilliant!!”

Or not to turf…

Nigel from Horsham says:- Old Moss ridden garden turned back to grass.

"I contacted Bob and within a very short time he came back to me and visited my house that same evening. My old lawn had turned into an area of ever growing moss. I had asked two other gardeners to call and asked them to quote me to re turf the lawn. When I asked this of Bob, he immediately told me he could bring my old lawn back to life without the huge expense of turfing. True to his word, Bob has brought my 90% moss area to 100% grass. "It does take a few weeks to achieve but he was always totally honest and warned me of possible problems which I found refreshingly honest. He also called on me several times over the next 6 weeks to check on progress and make sure I was happy. The answer is yes. Excellent work."

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