Terms and Conditions

Your Ed's Operator will agree a price and the scope of each task and payment terms directly with You, the Customer, before commencing a job.

In return Your Ed's Operator will require you to agree to the following:

1) Ed's Operators require ONE person to provide direction as to the services to be delivered and the same person to agree that these have been delivered on completion to Your satisfaction. If You are not satisfied with the work carried out it must be brought to the attention of Your Ed's Operator or Ed's within 24 hours explaining why You are not satisfied.

2) If You are acting as an agent, landlord or are a business please ask your Ed's Operator to explain our commercial terms.

3) Payment is required within the time frame set out be your Ed's Operator. Late payment may incur a £10 admin fee plus interest.

4) As a regular customer we ask You to ensure adequate access and parking so your Ed's Operator can deliver the services. Failure to do so may incur additional costs.

5) Failure to observe an appointment may incur a fee.

6) Ed's Operators accept no responsibility for loss or damage caused to Your property due to You leaving the property unsecured to allow us to carry out the work in Your absence.

7) Ed's Operators ask You to inform us of cables either buried or obscured. Ed's Operators accept no responsibility for any damage caused during the course of the work if this is not pointed out before hand.

8) If unforeseen conditions or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of an Ed's Operator causes delay or prevents the service being carried out in accordance with the price and scope of each task then your Ed's Operators will have the right to review the price and scope and / or re-schedule the work for a future date.