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Our Garden Operators have experience in all types of Hedges and the size of the job undertaken varies tremendously; from wisteria covering a house to a 200-metre-long boundary hedge.

The reasons for calling an Eds Garden Services Operator also vary, maybe your hedge has grown too far onto the pavement, or is obscuring your windows, doors and views, or maybe the job has become just to much and so requires hedge trimming.

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Hedge Pruning

Hedges we commonly cut include:


A lovely purple flower, Wisteria grows profusely and needs pruning twice a year.

Leylandii and Fern

A common evergreen border hedge, they can get out of control if not cut back at least once a year.


Looks fabulous in the autumn as the leaves turn brown, regular care ensures the hedge remains thick and coverage is healthy.

Laurel and Privet

Evergreen and very shapely, these hedges can be cut to shape with regular care and attention. We can also offer Topiary as a hedge trimming service.

Rose, Wild Cherry, Yew

And many many more..

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