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Garden Tidy-ups

One of our core services at Eds Garden Services is garden tidy-ups. In Eds, we offer a full and flexible garden tidy-up service to fulfil all your requirements.

Garden Tidy-ups - What's the scope?

Garden tidy-ups can vary greatly. Sometimes gardens can get just a little bit out of control, especially at peak growing times of year. In some cases, the customer just requires a quick spruce up of the garden, to get things back on track. However, in other cases the job can be more in the scope of a full garden clearance. We can do as little or as much as you need. At Eds we are happy to tackle different types of job, light or heavy. Also, once you have got your garden looking back to how you like it to look, we are very happy to schedule ongoing maintenance visits. A maintenance plan goes a long way to making sure your garden can stay in ship-shape condition. We can do all the hard work so you can concentrate on enjoying your garden.

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Garden needs cutting

Melanie - 21 May 2024

Reliable, professional friendly gardener. 


David was friendly from the outset which made us decide to use him there and then he provi...

Maya - 20 May 2024

Review for Andrew 


I think it is going very well, I appreciate all your help. Thanks

Evelyn Gunn - 14 May 2024

Tidying up a garden ready for winter

Garden Tidy Up

Large Garden clearance required to get a good result.

Garden Tidy-ups - How they work

Garden Tidy-ups - Some examples...

Whether it is a little tidy-up or a serious garden clearance, we are happy to assist. We will be with you as soon as possible to estimate the job and, if you wish, to book you in to get the work done for you.

You might be moving into a new house or maybe a landlord or a tenant, and need help getting to grips with your garden. Let an Ed's Garden Operator take care of the job and take the problem away from you.

Eds garden services are both flexible and comprehensive. As well as one-off garden tidy-ups, we also offer ongoing scheduled visits. That way, we can keep on top of things in your garden for you.
The following is a list of typical requests that Ed’s Operators receive:-

Revamp a garden

This can sometimes be in preparation for selling or renting out. It can also be for a house that has just been purchased or one where extensive building work has been done on the property.

Regain control of a garden

This is typically working with a garden that has been allowed to go rampant. We can cut the lawn, uproot the vegetation as well as cut back hedges and (some) trees.

Prepare a garden for a party

We can trim, cut, and clear up a garden in preparation for a Birthday, Wedding or Event. We understand when it is important for you to have your garden looking its absolute best.

General clearing up of a garden

Whether it be leaves, snow, old grass or after a children's birthday party, we are experienced at clearing things up and getting your garden back to its previous glory.

Karl, our Ed's Operator in Sidcup, has taken a few before and after photos of his garden tidy-ups.

This one was in preparation for a first birthday party...


Before the Birthday Party

and after...

After the Birthday Party

This one was for a customer who was moving out of a property...


Before preparing to sell house

And after...

After preparing to sell house

Garden Tidy-ups - Frequently asked questions

The following are some typical questions we get from our customers:-
What’s included in your garden tidy-up service?

We arrive at a pre-agreed time with our own high-performance gardening kit, carry out the work to the agreed specification and take all the waste away with us if required.

Is there an obligation to go ahead with the garden tidy-up job if I get a free estimate?

There is no obligation whatsoever.

My garden is in such a mess, it’s a bit embarrassing to get someone to look at it.

Eds can deal with messy gardens! We have all the equipment to tackle even the most neglected gardens. We can easily assess the work involved and give you an estimate reflecting the effort the job involves.
Can you give me a price for a tidy-up over the phone?
We really need to see the garden in order to give you an accurate estimate. There are a range of considerations we need to take into account when we are estimating the effort involved in a job. Every job is different.

I’ve got a social function this weekend and I’ve just realised that I have no time to tidy up my garden. I really want it to look good. Will you be able to do it before then?

At Eds we always try our level best to meet your requirements. We’ll be delighted to help if we can and will be very upfront with you if we can’t.

Garden Tidy-ups - What our Operators say

Mark , our Eds Operator in Bournemouth says “ I really enjoy doing garden tidy-ups, small or large jobs. With the smaller jobs, you can make such a difference in a relatively short space of time. I love it when my customers are thrilled with the results and realise how lovely their gardens can be. With the big jobs you get a great sense of satisfaction too when you see just how much of a difference you have made.”

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