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I am currently working through the lockdown period whilst adhering to government safety guidelines concerning Covid19.

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Dave Laing has lived in the Andover area for 6 years, he has previously spent many years working in the ventilation industry in both manufacturing and contract work and also has military service behind him. Having always had a love of the outdoors he decided in early 2017 that it was time for a change of career and looked at various garden franchises before deciding that Eds Garden Maintenance was the one to invest in due to its outstanding record for professionalism and customer service. He believes that Eds business model has a sound and proven track record which is by the far the best way to ensure excellent delivery and quality of work for his customers. As well as providing him with the opportunity to do what he has long wanted to do, gardening.

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PROMPT - RELIABLE - EFFICIENT Dave offers a range of garden maintenance services : Lawn Mowing, Garden Clearance, Hedge Cutting, Turfing & Pressure Washing. No job is to small, He can also offer a fixed price garden maintenance service which can be ideal for busy time strapped people. Dave will endeavour to respond to any new enquiries promptly with customer service his number one priority. Please call 01264 931375 and he will aim to get back to you in quick time.

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