Creating a New Lawn

Turf stripping

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Clive from Hampton sent in these photographs to show the process he went through to create a new lawn for a customer.

Clive blended 10 tonnes of top soil to make a level base
The new lawn

Please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance if you would like a free estimate to have your lawn levelled and turfed.

Garden Makeover

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Den Hukins who covers Middlesex gave a local garden a makeover last week and sent in these photographs.


Den added a new fence, returfed the lawn and put in a path.  The family were really happy with the result.  Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate if you need a garden revamp.


Turfing Makeover




Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Steve Frise who covers Esher to Weybridge has been busy this week turfing for a local family and sent in these photographs.  The customer was thrilled with the end result.

Please call or fill in the Free Estimate box if you are interested in having a turfing makeover ready for all the summer barbecues!

After the 1st cut

Garden Clearance and Turfing in South West London

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Steve Frise has recently been turfing for a customer in SW London.

The garden was totally overgrown and Steve began by clearing the area and removing a dead tree.  The area was then rotovated and turfed.  A new fence was put up at the end of the garden.  As part of Steve’s customer service he has offered to do the first cut free of charge in four weeks time to ensure the first cut is done correctly.  If you are interested in having your lawn turfed please contact us for a free estimate.


 Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator John Marshall who covers the Woking area recently received a text from a customer asking for help!  The customers garden had suffered due to her dog running all over it and creating a mud bath, John returfed the lawn and gave the garden a tidy up. 

The customer was so pleased she then asked him to Hayling Island for more help “We desperately need you!”  John was unable to help in this instance but was happy to be so appreciated.  Please contact us if you would like to have a free estimate for a new lawn or some garden maintenance work undertaken.

Garden Makeover

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Matthew May who covers the Folkestone and Canterbury area was recentlly asked to give a local garden a modern makeover.  Matthew decided to use Indian Sandstone, replace the existing lawn and move some plants.

The Front Garden
Matthew took up the old patio and flower beds, laid a concrete base and created a stone circle.  The existing wall was taken down and replaced.

The Back Garden
The old patio was removed with a new base layer and slaps added.  The borders were redone with a base and brick edge added around the turf.  The turf was re-layed and shrubs relocated.


The customer was delighted and said she was more than happy for potential customers to see the end result.  If you are interested in having a new lawn ready for the spring/summer why not contact us for a free estimate.

Garden Makeover

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Lucy had to completley ‘redo’ a garden in Teddington.  The work involved installing railway sleeper beds, extending the patio, turfing and grinding out a large tree stump. The customer was delighted and very pleased with the end result.

 Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operators undertake a wide variety of work from a one off small lawn mow to a major ‘redo’.  If you have any work requirements why not give us call or fill in the box ‘free estimate’ and we will arrange for someone to come and give you a free no obligation estimate.

Garden Transformation

Our Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Lucy recently contacted the office with some great photographs of a recent garden clearance in South West London. 

The brief was to get the garden to a state where it could be easily maintained.  The property was tenanted and no one was interested in gardening. 

As you can see from the photographs the garden was so overgrown it was difficult to get in to give a quote and Lucy had to cut her way to see the full extent of the wilderness.  However having done many garden clearances before she was not fazed by the ‘jungle’ and had the ability to see beyond what is there to what the garden could be.  The finished garden looked three times larger and now just needs regular lawn cutting throughout the year.  Lucy said “I love seeing the transformation happen”.

 If you are in need of any garden maintenance work or fancy a new look for your garden why not give Ed’s Garden Maintenance a call or fill in the free estimate box.

Turfing the way at Haven Holidays

Our Ed’s Garden Maintenance operator Carl Ward based in Eastbourne has recently been busy turfing Combe Haven Holiday Park.  If you require any local garden maintenance work or fancy a new lawn why not give Ed’s a call or enter your details in the ‘free estimate box’ on our home page and receive a free quote from one of our professional Operators.

Terrific Turfing from Ed’s

John Marshall from Ed’s Garden Maintenance Guildford has transformed several gardens in the last month by laying down new turf in preparation for next summer.

John’s most recent project was to clear the site of gravel, level and turf 100 m sq of lawn.

If you are interested in having a new lawn please contact Ed’s Garden Maintenance and we will be happy to send someone out to give a free quote.