Turfing and a Happy Customer in Raynes Park

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Kevin who covers the Raynes Park and Wimbledon area sent in the following:-
“I had a customer come through Ed’s who initially contacted me to do a bit of garden clearance and resolve the large border left by the “cowboy” gardener.  They had thrown top soil over the old lawn and put turf on top leaving the seams clearly visible a couple of months later.
I have them a few options to resolve the problem and they decided to get the whole thing done again.
It was a small lawn but they were very happy with the final result and are asking for a quote for regular maintenance now.” 
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Turfing Completed

Father’s Day June 21st

Need an idea for father’s day on June 21st why not arrange for an Ed’s Operator to come round and give your garden a tidy or mow the lawn just before the day.  If you are after a real treat you could arrange regular maintenance over the summer so the whole family is free to enjoy the garden.  To beat the rush why not arrange a free estimate now ready for June.  The photograph is from Clive our Hampton operator.

Double the Lawn Size in Putney

Removing the border
Clearing the site

Preparing to turf
Rolling out the turf

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita from Putney sent in these photographs showing the process involved to increase the size of a lawn.

Anita’s team removed about 12 meters of brick and cement borders, about two tonnes of pea shingle and about 8 tonne bags of mature tree / shrub / plants.  The customer had 12 meter square lawn and Anita managed to doubled the size.


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Spring Turfing in Putney

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Anita who covers the Putney area sent in these before and after photographs of a recent turfing job.

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End of Tenancy Rescue

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Clive from Hampton and Middlesex sent in these before and after photographs.
Clive said “The turf cost £40 plus half a days work and this enabled the Hampton tenant to have the garden reinstated back into better condition than at the start of the tenancy.   This secured return of his deposit in full, and the sale of the property on the 1st day of viewing for his landlord.”  A great investment!

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Jungle Clearance

New Fence
Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Carl from Eastbourne sent in these before and after photographs.  The garden had to be cleared followed by a new fence and then turfed.  The customer was impressed by the speed Carl and his team worked.

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Preparation for new turf


New Lawn


Before the 1st Mow

Turfing ready for summer

Step 1
Step 1

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Den who covers the Twickenham area sent in these photograph of a turfing job he did last week – 40m2.  Den is going back every other day to water the lawn and the customer said  “I am looking forward to sitting out there in the summer and I will recommend you to my friends.”  Please contact Ed’s for a free estimate.

Step 3


Garden Clearance and Turfing

Ed’s Garden Maintenance Operator Neil who covers the Sevenoaks area sent in these photographs of a before and after garden clearance.

Work in progress
After and re turfed

The customer was delighted with the end result and is looking forward to spending time in her ‘extra room’.  Please Contacts Ed’s Garden Maintenance if you would like an estimate for a garden clearance or a new lawn.


Ed’s Garden  Maintenance Operator Richard Weightman who covers St Ives, Cambridgeshire sent in these photographs of a recent turfing job he did for a customer.

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