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reference for rich 


you wouldnt want to do my garden. Its not that Im lazy, or dont care, although Im sure youd think that, if you saw the state it's in at the moment. As I'm on my feet a lot of the time, I feel too tired when I get back from work to give it the time and attention it deserves. So getting a good gardener is very important to me. I texted two guys, both of whom had worked for me before, to ask if they could help. Both knew from experience about the hard work that would be involved, and neither even bothered to reply! Discouraging. I texted Rich, and he quickly got back to me. He came round and looked at the garden, and gave me an itemised bill, which gave precise information on how much everything would cost. So much for the trees, so much for the hedges, so much for the grass. and if I wasnt happy about any of the itemised tasks and prices, I could speak to him about it there and then. So, no nasty shocks. Very helpful. Rich told me hed need a friend to help, and he also said what day and time hed be coming. Both guys not only did what had been agreed, but did some extra work too. That really pleased me- doing more than originally agreed, and not getting paid any extra for it! How often does that happen nowadays? Not much. I was really pleased with how they transformed my garden, and when they were done, they took all the rubbish away. So i was left with nothing to worry about. Thorough, hard working, reliable, and going the extra mile too. I would definitely recommend Rich.

Brigid Allen - 18 Aug 2021

Hedges and more 


A job well done no messing about and good clear up

J vause - 18 Aug 2021

Rich Harris to the rescue! 


Rich saved our derelict greenhouse with painstaking care and attention to detail. Last year it was a sorry sight; now it is full of wonderful flowers.

Prof Simon du Plock & Kim Eyre - 12 Aug 2021

Lawn Aeration 


My lawn has always suffered from water logging after several days of rain and from huge cracks during periods of dryness. Rich aerated the lawn four weeks ago and several days of rain followed. The surface has since drained extremely well and the appearance of the lawn is very much improved. Can highly recommend Rich for a job well done. Will be booking a power wash for my patio shortly.

Elizabeth H - 14 Jul 2021

Excellent reliable service 


After beginning to find I was having difficulty managing my large back garden I asked locally if there was someone who could help and was told about Rich. He came & had a look and could see what needed doing. He started coming weekly until he managed to get it under control and then spread the visits out. He tackled the borders, hedges etc. and in no time got it looking tidy and neat. Would thoroughly recommend Rich as he is hardworking and trustworthy not to mention reasonably priced.

Alison New - 14 Jul 2021

Excellent work carried out 


Have had several jobs done including extension to patio, grass cutting and borders. Richard was on time and worked in all kinds of weather. Very pleased with the outcome and also the price Recommend.

L. Southall - 13 Jul 2021

Very overcharged cut 


"We are very sorry that you feel disappointed in the service that Rich has provided. Rich has done his best to honestly convey to the person he dealt with that the job was of a very significant scale and the garden extremely overgrown and, as such, it was impossible to say how much could be achieved in a single day. He said he would do as much as he could on that initial day and then tie in some further work in that area at no extra charge on his subsequent mowing visits. Whilst we regret that your own expectations may not have been met, we feel that Rich has done very best to deliver the work in compliance with what was agreed." I am very disappointed by the services received from Rich at Ed’s Gardening Services. We were originally quoted £350 to cut our lawns and hedges and not only did we not receive the full cut as originally agreed, they continued to ‘book’ in regular lawn cuts which was not conveyed to us what this included at another £120 for each time. The £120 did not seem to cover much and they were only working for about 3 hours. This is very disappointing as we were made to believe it was going to be £350 for the full cut but they tried to keep on overcharging us. Please be honest and upfront with your customers when you give the original quote. I would not book or recommend Ed’s Garden Services to anyone who wants an honest and well-done job.

Ros - 13 Jul 2021

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