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Lucy delivers a very professional job. I use her services for mowing and am very pleased with my lawns. Lucy offers plenty of helpful tips and advice. I can recommend Lucy to anyone searching for a reliable and efficient gardener.

Lena Walker - 22 May 2015

Hedge Cutting

Using the best Stihl Hedge trimmers we can trim even the most out of control hedges, always leaving the site spotless so that you can enjoy your new tidy view

Pressure Washing

We can transform driveways and patio areas using our powerful pressure washers, the difference afterwards is sometimes hard to believe. It is wonderful to see the colour of the stone start to show again after long periods of looking dull and tired.

Lawn Mowing

Using Hayter mowers and Stihl strimmers we can really cut lawns to a very high standard, whether your lawn is like a bowling green or is a childrens play area we have the right equipment to cut it in the best way possible. We only use roller mowers so you will have a beautiful striped affect on your lawn

Tidy Ups

We pride ourselves in being able to see the potential of even the most overgrown gardens, it is often overwhelming if you have moved into a property where the garden has become very overgrown. We have the best equipment to be able to tackle these gardens with and can get them back to a useable space which you can enjoy. Often it is difficult to know what to do with a garden until it is cleared and once it is a blank canvas you will be surprised how the ideas start to flow.

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